More Lion Training

finger pointing and the word No
Lion says he wants more rules and punishments. I’ve just found a new rule that will improve our dining pleasure.

Lion keeps saying maybe he should be careful what he asks for. He wants more rules and more punishment. Whether he intends to or not, he gives me ideas all the time. He is not topping from the bottom. He’s just having a conversation.

It bothers me when Lion interrupts me. He does get swatted and zapped for that. But I’ve found something else that bothers me. My usually polite pet can be quite rude at times. For example, he’s very particular about what he wants on his hamburger. When he first orders he speaks slowly so the person can write it down or select it on the screen. If the person doesn’t get it on the first try, he speaks like he would speak to a child. Very slowly. Very deliberately. After multiple tries he gets frustrated and adds “moron” to the end of the request. I don’t think Lion ever worked in fast food, or any food service job. It’s a minimum wage job. Sometimes not even minimum wage if you are dependent on tips. For many of the fast food workers, at least around here, English is not their first language. They are only trying to get his order correct. And, I’ve worked in fast food and read books, you don’t piss off the person who is making your food. Who knows what they’ll do to it. (We used to nuke flies in the microwave when I worked at Burger King in high school. Just for the hell of it. Not in retaliation. But it gives you an idea of what goes on in the kitchen.)

He is also rude to customer service and retail people. He starts out fine and then gets frustrated. Again, I don’t think he ever worked in that capacity. Having worked in retail for a number of years, I can tell you that we try to be helpful, but the second you become condescending we see that you’re a moron and we give moron right back to you.

At any rate, his being rude to people in the service industries drives me crazy. Especially the food. I’m ordering at the same time, man. I don’t want hair in my food! So from now on Lion will be zapped or swatted when this occurs. Fair warning, my pet.