Dinner And A Show

cinebarre theater
Last night we had dinner and saw a movie at a Cinebarre theater.

Saturday was a very lazy day. There are chores we need to do but we’ve been very tired. After a leisurely breakfast of pancakes we went to the warehouse store and got the necessities, chief of which was a 33 pound bag of dog food.  In a way, it feels to me like we are stocking up for the winter. My contract job ends in two weeks and I’m very worried I will have another long job search to survive. Of course I hope that won’t happen, but it’s hard to be optimistic.

Even my dreams are colored by this worry. I don’t usually remember what I dream but lately I have. Parts are in black and white and the scenes are of me being abandoned. Then the color section begins and I wander around looking for a way home. Not very complicated symbolism. It’s hard to be too concerned about sex and play; at least at 4 AM. I don’t walk around in a continuous funk. Most of the time I am my usual, optimistic self. Last night we went to a Cinebarre theater. You get to the theater early and have dinner at your seat. It was fun. It’s another thing we won’t be able to do if I am out of work for long.

I do hope that we are both more energetic tomorrow. Perhaps we’ll have a sexual adventure to report. When not moping, I’m quite horny. Today may be the day for some play and teasing. I can understand why some people start writing fantasies in their blogs. Right now there is nothing cool or erotic to tell you. There is, however, something I consider much more important.

The one thing that doesn’t happen when times get tough is that Mrs. Lion and I don’t snap at each other. If anything, we work harder to be loving and to find ways to make things as normal as possible. This is what we do during good times as well. This extends to enforced chastity and our female led relationship. If I’m depressed, Mrs. Lion will only wait so long before she resumes teasing me. Yes, she does cut me slack, at least for a while. But nothing changes. I will wait for orgasms. I will be spanked for my sins. Most importantly, I will be reminded that I am loved.