Keeping It Clean

ultrasonic cleaner
This cleaner costs less than $30 and does a great job keeping my cage clean and shiny.

Every week or two I use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to wash the Jail Bird. Before we got the ultrasonic cleaner, I worked very hard to keep the device clean. The threads on the security screw and in the device would gunk up with a combination of body oil and dirt. The cage and ring would be a dull finish. I did wash it when I showered and when it was off for play or manscaping. Manual cleaning never fully did the job.

I found an inexpensive ultrasonic jewelry cleaner on Amazon. It cost less than $30. A good-size bottle of ultrasonic cleaning concentrate was another few bucks. Cleaning is a cinch. I fill the cleaner with hot water and add about 1/2 ounce of the cleaning concentrate. The cage, ring and security screw go into the supplied basket. I lower it into the solution and push the start button. Six minutes later I have a completely clean cage. Any trace of oil or dirt is gone. The Jail Bird looks as good as new. This ultrasonic cleaner works as well with plastic too. It does a great job on padlocks as well. We use it to clean eyeglasses and jewelry too. This is truly a useful appliance.

While we are on the subject of cleanliness, a bit on personal hygiene is in order. Peeing and keeping the stream in the toilet is an ongoing challenge. I can use a urinal almost all the time. I always check to be sure my urethra is centered and not touching any bars. If it is out of position, I use a Q-Tip that I keep in my pants pocket to nudge it back into position. At home, I sit to pee. I am not very reliable standing and getting all the urine to make it into the bowl.

When I finish, there are always some drips. I catch as many as I can in toilet paper, but inevitably, a bit ends up between my cage and my balls. Depending on how much finds its way there, I can detect a urine odor when I undress. I wash down there every chance I get. Even with all that, when the cage comes off, I can sometimes detect a scent. Mrs. Lion says I don’t smell, but I notice a faint-but-unmistakable scent wafting up.

Happily, with the Jail Bird, a shower removes all traces of urine. It is one of the best devices for easy personal cleaning. The “tube” style devices are much more difficult to keep clean. In most cases, regular removal of the device is needed to allow bathing and sanitizing the tube.

For me, on a day-to-day basis, the most challenging thing about wearing a chastity device is dealing with peeing and general hygiene. I have to think about my next pit stop a lot more than uncaged guys. In the grand scheme of things this is a minor annoyance. It’s a small price to pay for the benefits we get from enforced chastity.


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    I sit when caged. I can use a urinal but as you said, the penis must be centred to avoid spray and when others are around it is difficult to do surreptitiously. So I sit!

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