Double Trouble

Well, it’s Friday the 13th. And a full moon. Double trouble. But so far, knock on wood, things have just been silly at work. I’m hoping the rest of the day goes equally as well. Tonight we are off to see an act that won America’s Got Talent some years ago. And the show is at a casino, so I’m sure Lion will want to test his luck. My patience for casinos is low right now so I’ll just sit next to Lion and watch.

Lion was able to take the medium nJoy butt plug last night. I didn’t think he’d have too much trouble but it has been a while. He held it for a little over an hour before it became too uncomfortable. I need to be more consistent with anal activity. I also tied Lion’s balls up and edged him. Unfortunately, he wilted after the first try. He may have been thinking about something. I may have rushed into edging too quickly. Maybe we’re not completely out of the doldrums yet. At least we attempted to play. And we snuggled.

I’m not sure how much play we’ll get to this weekend. Tonight we’re out. Saturday night we’re going to the movies, but we may be able to play in the afternoon. We have the usual weekend chores and errands to take care of. We don’t have to play for a long time. Every little bit counts. Maybe I’ll have Lion wear the shock collar tonight. That way when I’m ready to leave the casino I can zap him if he argues. But the shock collar pinches sometimes and I’m going for zap, not pinch. We’ll figure it out.

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    I love how hard the two of you work at your relationship.

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