Talking About It

We may have reached a new level in our power exchange. I’m not really sure that it is. Maybe you can help me make sense of this latest change. For the first time, Mrs. Lion is consistently informing me when I have done something wrong. Yesterday, when I was making pancakes for breakfast, I interrupted Mrs. Lion. At one point, she just said,

“That’s the second time.”

That was all. A little later at breakfast,

“You interrupted me before.”

“I did?”


That’s it. After breakfast she went downstairs to her office to write her post. I was expecting that once the breakfast dishes were out of the way that she would spank me. She didn’t. She also didn’t punish me after writing her post about how I self reported my failure to put on my collar.

My initial reaction was that we were backsliding. But then a lightbulb, dim but unmistakable, came on in my head. Is this the next phase of internalizing our wider power exchange? Let me explain. Up until now when I broke a rule and Mrs. Lion noticed, she would smile and say,

“Uh oh.”

This good humored response, in my opinion, represented a conscious-somewhat-embarrassed effort to enforce her rules. The statement would generally be followed by a penny in the punishment bank. It was a bit artificial but it represented enforcement of our power exchange. I expected this phase to go on for some time. Mrs. Lion is not accustomed to  authority and enforcement of her will. She was working on her new role.

Yesterday it was very different. Her matter-of-fact statement of my infraction had no artifice. It was a genuine observation of my infraction. This is very significant. To me it meant that this was no longer a game or training exercise. It is starting to become a normal part of our relationship.

OK, the spanking didn’t follow. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Step one has to be observation of an infraction. The next step is punishment. I don’t think I have to wait long for that. On Saturday Mrs. Lion was transferring her stuff into a new handbag. She pulled her “hairbrush” paddle from her old purse and held it up.

“See where I’m Putting it?”

she asked as she put the paddle into her new purse. Later, we went off to the casino. We ate dinner there. During dinner, the conversation drifted to her new purse and the paddle that has a home there. I said,

“I don’t think you will really use that when we are out. Remember how you felt when you spanked me in the supermarket family bathroom.”

She replied,

“I may surprise you.”

She said it with a small smile. This doesn’t mean that change is imminent. In the past, statements like this didn’t mean something was going to happen the next day. I has meant that she is actively considering what she mentioned. In the past, the subject has ended on that statement only to be resurrected months later.

I’m not sure that conversational mention of my infractions means that our power exchange is at the next level. The fact that nothing followed those mentions may mean that this is just an extremely small baby step. Or, it could mean that the paddle isn’t far behind. Either way I think that domestic discipline is on its way to being a permanent part of our marriage.