A Day Off or an Off Day?

As I mentioned, we went out Saturday and by the time we got home we were both tired. We watched some TV and went to sleep. Sunday was catch-up-with-everything day. We got a decent amount accomplished around the house. I didn’t get any manscaping done. Nor did I play with Lion as I had anticipated. When I finally unlocked him last night he was less than interested. I mentioned I hadn’t heard a Lion weather report all day and he said he wasn’t very horny. We decided that snuggling was just as good.

I gave Lion a surprise orgasm on Friday night. It stands to reason he wouldn’t have been interested Saturday night. I suppose not being interested last night is not unusual either. Saturday could have been his day off and Sunday could have been an off day. Neither is worth worrying about. By tonight Lion will probably be interested again. If not, I will try a little harder to change his mind. The main thing is, it’s not a big deal if he needs a few days off. Things run in cycles. Lion may go a few months being horny every night, even the night after an orgasm. Then he might go a week or two not being very horny at all. He always apologizes for it. I think it’s normal.

From time to time in the earth’s history, there have been ice ages. Then things warm up again and we have whatever the opposite of an ice age is. Global warming is changing that cycle. If Lion is just in an ice age (hopefully not a long one) then it’s not anything to worry about. If global warming is affecting him then we have to figure out a way past it. Maybe that’s a bad analogy. If it’s a normal cycle, we’re fine. If there’s something else at work, then we need to work together to get past it. One thing is for sure, I’m not giving up on him. I will pester him every night to see if he’s horny. He may get sick of me, but I won’t stop. I know there’s a horny Lion in there somewhere.

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    I’m sure if you “pester” him, his horny level will rise. I find that when my wife works on me my horny level rises exponentially!

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