Keys To Chastity Hardware Fitting

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My Jail Bird male chastity device. It was custom made for me and fits with complete comfort. The base ring is 1 3/4-inches in diameter and is oval-shaped. The cage is 1 1/4-inches in diameter and 1 1/4-inches long.

Some people think that a chastity device should allow room for an erection. So their devices are largely empty most of the time. As a result, peeing is messy and hygiene poor. There are a lot of misunderstandings about how a chastity device should fit.

Yesterday morning I found myself awake over an hour early. I had a morning erection and no sexual thoughts at all. This isn’t unusual. Many guys experience “morning wood”. This phenomenon is the body’s normal way of keeping the equipment tuned and ready. My chastity device doesn’t cause me pain when my penis attempts to get hard. Some devices hurt and will wake their wearers up.

Modern chastity devices have two main parts: the base ring and the penis container. The base ring fits like a classic cock ring. The balls and penis are threaded through the ring. Poorly-sized base rings generate the most discomfort and pain for their wearers. Guys new to enforced chastity will sometimes obsess over the need for “security”. They want a device they can’t escape while locked. They reason that the tighter the base ring, the more difficult escape will be. On the face of it, this is true. However, the tighter the base ring, the more difficult it will be to wear comfortably.

Ill-fitting rings will chafe and bind. Painful irritation follows. During day-t0-day activities, the base ring needs to allow the body to move under it. Friction will cause irritation. Some guys try to lubricate their skin to alleviate the discomfort. This is a temporary fix at best. The ideal base ring will allow the body to move under it and at the same time provide a secure anchor for the penis cage. Plastic base rings are far more likely to “stick” than steel ones. The plastic is wider and tends to adhere to the skin. Stainless steel rings minimize the surface area in contact with the skin, and if not too tight, will allow the body to move without irritation.

The penis tube or “cage” is much more forgiving. I found that for me at least, a diameter about 1/4″ smaller than my flaccid penis and the length about 1/2 to 3/4 inches shorter than my shortest measurement are ideal. When the penis is flaccid, the cage should touch all surfaces of the penis, including the head. It should fit like a glove. Most people can’t find an off-the-shelf device that will fit very well. For long term wear, I found that only a custom device would work for me.

The design of the device itself is a matter of personal taste. However, the more open the design, the easier it will be to stay clean and odor free. My Jail Bird is completely open. I don’t need to do anything special in the shower too keep clean,  and  during the day, my penis stays nice and dry.

I think that a lot of guys let their fantasies control what they buy. I think that most men who have been wearing a device for any length of time will agree that the primary requirement for a chastity device, other than keeping their hands away from their junk, is comfort. My device is on me an average of 23 1/2 hours a day, every day. That’s over 95% of the time. I couldn’t manage it if it hurt.

Lions in the news
On a personal note, Men’s Health magazine interviewed me and is going to feature the interview in either their July/August or September issues. It was exciting to have a chance to share a positive view of enforced male chastity in such a popular forum (over 1.8 million circulation). In case you didn’t see it, Mrs. Lion and I were interviewed by the Huffington Post. You can find the article here. They also included us in this podcast.


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    I hope you will let us know when that article appears. I don’t normally purchase that magazine but will in order to read your article.

    1. Author

      Thank you. We’ll post as soon as we know. Hopefully the writer will give me some advance notice.

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    We did the mistake of taking a not custom fitted cage for too long. I was in the CB6000s for the beginning of my permanent chastity, once we switched to a Jail Bird wearing it 24/7 has become so much better. I thought the CB6000s was okay length wise but I was aware that it was too wide. My custom fitted cage is I think half an inch or 3/4 shorter than the CB6000s was, and a lot thinner in diameter. I really struggled with erection attempts as my penis had too much room to grow, it became painful and lasted ages until he gave up and became limp again. With the Jail Bird, no room to grow and some erection attempts last for not even a minute. I didn’t struggle so much with the plastic ring but with the plastic cage itself. I can’t unlock when I go running because due to the chastity I will get an erection from the friction and sensation of a free penis almost immediately now, the CB6000s didn’t suppress those erections enough as with the space to the sides my penis flopped around in it, so it became painful and I needed to stop running, other sweat inducing exercise were really uncomfortable too because of the condensation in the cage. The jailbird while it really costs a fortune compared to the more popular silicone devices like the CB6000 or the HolyTrainer that aren’t cheap to begin with but it’s just a feeling is believing experience that makes you cherish every penny. Having no erections in the cage at all due to the lack of space made it a lot easier for me. The Jail Bird is a lot more secure compared to the CB6000s and the few no name products we tried, technically speaking with a lot of effort I can pull my penis out, but there is no way I can get it back in without unlocking, can’t happen by accident. Very glad about that because when I stumbled about those forums that said PA piercings or similar penis piercings are the only way to securely and reliably lock up I was a little upset as I don’t want those alterations done. I can’t remember why exactly we picked the jail bird among the custom made devices, but I definitely had read about it in forums and blogs about the comfort and how easy to clean it is.

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