paddleLion forgot his collar last night. I didn’t realize it. When he did, he put it on. A little while later he confessed. It was punishment night so I planned to give him swats for it. Then I forgot. I remembered just before bed, but I wasn’t going to do it then since Lion was already snuggled in. I thought of it again this morning on the way to work. And then Lion reminded me in an email.

So as I was thinking about it this morning, I started to wonder if the punishment should be less severe if he self-reports. After all, I’ve missed it too. Plus it may encourage him to continue to self-report. He said last night he considered not saying anything but decided that would be wrong. So he does need some sort of punishment for the offense, but I’m thinking it shouldn’t be as harsh. Maybe that’s 1.0 talking, but it seems right. I mean, think about it. If you caught your kid skipping school, you’d punish him. If your kid came to you and confessed to skipping school, you would be disappointed, but you’d also want to encourage him to feel comfortable coming to you with problems. Maybe you wouldn’t punish him. Maybe you’d give him a lesser punishment. Maybe you’d realize if he confessed he already felt bad enough. Sometimes knowing you’ve disappointed someone is enough punishment. While 2.0 may be jumping up and down yelling, “Whomp his butt!” because she’s just a bitch out for blood, that may not be the answer.

I do think Lion needs some swats for forgetting. He will get those tonight. Ironically, when we were in the kitchen last night, I was fondling Lion’s butt and looking at the kitchen paddle, thinking I should give him a few swats just because. Those very swats could have served as punishment for forgetting the collar. Even though I didn’t realize he needed them at the time. Perhaps I should just give him swats randomly. That way he would have a bank of punishment to withdraw from.

Last night I decided to test out a theory I came up with on the weekend. If you remember, I said Lion’s ass was burning when I tried to peg him. We had no idea why. His theory was that maybe it was the enema he did before we started playing. I thought it might have been the dildo since it had a strange color to it. Something might have gotten on it. So I wanted to try it again to see if it would burn when he hadn’t done an enema.

It went in OK and Lion said it hurt more than burned, but that might have been because it was a larger dildo and it was stretching him. I left it in for a few minutes without moving it so it would stretch him. After I removed it he said there was a slight burning. We can either wash the dildo more carefully, throw a condom on it so we can still have the size while protecting his skin from the surface of the dildo, or toss the dildo altogether. It’s the first one we got that fits on the fucking machine so it’s sort of important. Before I retry that dildo, I’ll find a similar size to see if the burning is only because of the stretching. I never took any science classes after biology but it appears I am enjoying experiments.


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    Condom will tell you for sure

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      I was surprised when the sensation returned again last night.It wasn’t as strong, but it was there. I’m wondering if something didn’t get on that toy. It’s that old-fashioned latex jelly that tends to be sticky. We haven’t played with it in years. A condom is a good idea anyway, especially with latex. You can boil silicone or put it in the dishwasher. You can’t with this stuff.

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    You say the toy is older, and the material is jelly-like. Unless you still have the original packaging, it could be hard to know for sure, but it’s entirely possible the material your toy is made from contains pthalates, which are known to be toxic. “Body-Safe Silicone” and glass are my go-tos for that reason. Hard plastics and jellies have been proven to have harmful side effects; it surprises me that they are still available, but at the same time, the FDA has bigger things to worry about than sex toy materials, I suppose. Itching, burning, blistering, and bleeding are the most common symptoms of pthalate toxicity. Just an FYI.

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      Thanks for the information. This dildo is at least twenty years old. It is one of the Doc Johnson Vac-u-Lock items. It came with the fucking machine sample I received. You are almost certainly right. We will need to replace it if Mrs. Lion wants to continue using that particular shape/size. Good ol’ Amazon has a new version in stock that is Phthalate-free PVC/Antibacterial Sil-A-Gel. We’ll have it on Sunday.

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    Dump the toy, or use a condom with it. While you’re at it, do a quick Google for phthalates in sex toys – it’s drastically under-researched at this time, but considering that sex toys often have 10 times the level of these plasticizers than the now-banned children’s toys, it should scare the crap out of you (so to speak).

    Stick with silicone, glass, or stainless steel toys, or use a condom on the cheaper PVC / latex toys. Please.

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    Get rid of it, if it’s causing some kind of alergic reaction. Better safe than sorry I say, it could cause a really severe reaction if you continue to use it

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