Retroactive Punishment

Lion was not happy about having punishment added retroactively, especially for something he didn’t know he did. Oh well. I can punish him for any reason or no reason at all. He knows that. I could give him a few whacks any time I pass a paddle. I could even have a holster made so I always have a paddle on me. He also seems to forget that it’s his job to remember what is on his list. Just because I’ve dropped a penny in the bank doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be able to recite the list. His retort last night was he could do it if he knew what was on the list.

This is our 1,500th post! Thanks for sticking with us.

Silly boy. I always tell him as I add to the list. I assume he’s referring to yesterday when I added forgetting the collar and interrupting to the list. Of course I wouldn’t expect him to know before I added them. But once I said he’d be punished he should be able to tell me. He must have been frazzled by the retroactive punishment because he forgot to thank me for punishing him. I realized it while we were playing. When I got around to swatting him, before I could finish saying “we’re done” he was thanking me for punishing him. He did not want a repeat performance.

I do this because Lion gave me the power. He wants to be punished for his sins. Of course he hates it at the time it’s happening. I think I’d worry about him if he didn’t. He likes the long, slow buildup of a play spanking. It gives him time to get used to the sensation. Punishment swats are a shock to the system. They are meant to snap you out of whatever reverie you were in when you committed the offense. For that reason, I understand why Lion wants to be punished immediately. Sometimes it’s just not feasible. However, even after the fact, they should be painful and not something you want to repeat, otherwise you might be tempted to continue making the same mistake.

Another reason for delaying punishment is that 1.0 doesn’t necessarily want to do the punishment. It’s still difficult for her. She prefers to wait until 2.0 shows up. It seems 2.0 comes preloaded. She doesn’t mind punishment. She doesn’t mind Lion’s grumbles or protests. She is, after all, a bitch. She is Lion’s ideal top. Maybe not ideal. There are still things she doesn’t want to do. But Lion loves when 2.0 shows up. Except when she swats him too hard. Or does mean things to him. Or makes him wait for an orgasm. I guess it’s a love-hate relationship.