Dual Purpose Training

As you know, I’m getting Lion ready for the fucking machine Olympics. I’m also getting him ready to take the 2.0 nJoy butt plug. Luckily I can do both at once even though they are two very different “races”. The fucking machine requires the acceptance of a normal sized dildo that penetrates fairly deeply. The nJoy butt plug is short but stocky. It only make sense to give Lion lots of anal attention in both areas. And if I can use a multitasker to do it, all the better.

We have a dildo that is roughly the same width as the 2.0 nJoy. That will stretch Lion out. It’s also as long as the dildo that goes on the fucking machine. Win-win. All the training in one little dildo. And it is little. Compared to a few other dildos we have, the purple one is small. I don’t have any immediate plans to use the larger ones on Lion even though my original intent was to be able to fist him. I guess maybe it is the next logical step. If he can take the purple one he should be able to take the larger ones with more training. I just don’t know how far I want to push things. I know there is a limit to how far Lion wants me to push things considering it’s his ass I’m pushing those things into. However, it’s not his choice, is it?

This afternoon he’ll find himself strapped into the sling. I’ll warm him up with a smaller dildo and then probably step up to the purple one. I say probably because things don’t always go according to plan. It all depends on his discomfort level. I will only force him to do things I know he can do. If it becomes too much he needs to tell me. We may be going too far too fast. And that’s ok. I mean, I want him to tell me if it really hurts. There’s certainly a difference between “ow, that hurts” and “Ow! That hurts!” A punishment spanking, for example, hurts but there’s little chance I can do him real harm. There’s a definite possibility of harm if I go jamming a dildo in his ass too quickly or too far. I may be in charge but he needs to communicate the level of pain he’s experiencing and alert me if I need to stop. There’s no shame in stopping me.

Lion has gotten better at being able to take larger things up his ass, but his ass has never met the likes of the purple dildo. It’s enough to make anyone clench.


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    Are the anal trainings conducted caged or wild?

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