If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That’s the essence of our chastity and FLR lives. We have a bunch of ideas, but we never know what will work until we try each one. I haven’t kept score, but I’d bet we have more misses than hits. And that’s OK. We don’t expect to be perfect. There’s no way to know if you like sushi unless you try it. (I did. Twice. The first time was gross. The second time was better but I’m still not sold.) [Lion — By my reckoning we are batting considerably better than .500. I think we are up at .750 or so]

My recent foray into rule making produced three new rules:

  • Lion has to thank me for punishing him. We like this one. It makes sense.
  • Lion has to stand when I enter a room or stand up from the table. This one seems too artificial to me. I know it’s good manners, but in our day-to-day life, it’s too much.
  • Lion has to ask to be excused from the table or when leaving a room. This is fine. Also good manners and doesn’t seem forced.

So two out of three rules will stay. That’s a pretty good batting average.

Our other discovery over the weekend was that public punishment, at least the family bathroom type, is too difficult. I’m uncomfortable with it. We may have tried to fly too close to the sun with this idea. Maybe by the time 3.0 shows up she’ll be swatting Lion in the middle of the produce section. Right now we’re putting it on the back burner.

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Neither one of us mentioned that fact that Lion’s long, dry spell ended on Sunday night. His last scheduled date was the tenth. Unbeknownst to Lion, his next scheduled date was the seventeenth. He’d made it to the next scheduled date. 2.0 decided that all the edging leading up to and occurring on that day should culminate in an orgasm. A wonderful, mouth-filling orgasm. And I was fully prepared for him not to be horny last night, but there seemed to be little more than a small blip in his horniness level. Obviously he’s not as horny as he was on Saturday or Sunday, but he was hornier than I would expect for the day after an orgasm. I’m glad about that. His next wait is fairly short. Only nine days. Of course, that’s just the earliest he can come. He may be waiting a lot longer. He’s just got to keep on 2.0’s good side.

2.0 has been punishing him closer to the time the infraction occurs. Sometimes that’s not feasible. That’s what pennies are for. Lion got a few swats yesterday for forgetting things. He also had some pennies in his bank. And it was punishment day. Poor Lion butt. So many swats, so little butt. And 2.0 hasn’t been taking it easy on him. Maybe they weren’t full force swats but they made their point. And some very red marks. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how well Lion took those swats. I didn’t tie him down but he managed to stay still the entire time.

I’d say the weekend was a mixed bag. Lots of punishment. Lots of new rules. Lots of communication about those rules. Some worked. Some failed. Chastity and FLR are living organisms. They have to change to survive.


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    My wife has instituted a rule intermittently–I’m prone to saying “sorry” and she gets irritated with me for saying it too frequently. So she has said it is a punishable offence for me to say it–several times. Strangely though it is not an always rule. Just when she gets her ire up.

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    We have 3 young children running around. Need to react to unexpected event and no private time, rules/protocols proved to be difficult. When it’s private, we just want to sleep. FLM is mostly mental for us rather than actually doing anything.

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    Would like to read some entries about how Lion gives Mrs Lion her orgasmic pleasures

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