Live And Learn

As Mrs. Lion wrote yesterday, we may have gone overboard on the rules and enforcement strategy we are trying out. It’s clear that we can’t sustain the “instant punishment” we were trying, at least for public infractions. Then there is the matter of rules that make Mrs. Lion uncomfortable. I admit that prior to her making the rule requiring me to stand when she enters the room or come to the table, I was much more casual. Yes, I was brought up to do that when a lady comes to the dinner table or leaves it. But I agree with her that it feels uncomfortable at home.

Maybe we have to reconsider what we want to do in terms of FLR. Or, perhaps we need to give ourselves a little breathing room. The at-home rules and punishments felt to me a bit like what we did years ago. The rules were equally trivial. We had no underlying motive beyond BDSM play. However, there was something fun and satisfying, to me at least, about what we did.

This time we are trying to extend the success we have had with enforced chastity. In my mind at least, I am hoping to correct some bad habits like interrupting. I also hope that Mrs. Lion will learn to express her expectations and her and immediately voice her displeasure when I do something she doesn’t like. I figured that if we went back to more immediate enforcement of the rules, it might help me learn more quickly and help Mrs. Lion feel good about letting me know when I displease her. I don’t think we failed. I just was a bit too enthusiastic about doing the semi-public punishment. The rules themselves need a little tuning too.

It also might be that FLR may be too much for her, even the abridged version we are trying to establish now. On the other hand, maybe we tried to bite off too much all at once. I think that the rule that requires me to stand is probably a mistake. I don’t think it is because we came from opposite sides of the tracks. It is uncomfortable for me as well. This rule disrupts the great comfort we have with one another and puts a kind of formality barrier between us. Live and learn.

We had fun with the other stuff we have done. We both like the new rules that I have to excuse myself when leaving her presence and my thanking her for punishment. I asked and she said spanking me at home was fine, but it was uncomfortable at the supermarket. I agree. We both favor administering spankings as close to the offense as possible. We’ve agreed to drop the standing up rule as well as the public punishments; at least for now. Mrs. Lion informed me that all the other rules stay in effect. Live and learn.


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    Communication and revision make for better rules and a closer relationship. If one partner is uncomfortable with a situation it must be talked about and changes developed.

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