I think of myself as perverted; not in the sense that people condemning those who are different, but in the sense that I want what I know I will hate. That’s perverse. I am turned on by the idea of being spanked. Memories of past spankings are also arousing. But I absolutely hate it when Mrs. Lion spanks me for punishment. It hurts! Wow, what a revelation. The same is true of most of the things we call “play.” OK, that is perverted.

This is different from how I feel about surrendering control. Well, it isn’t all that different. It turns me on to think about having my lioness in charge. This desire to have her in charge doesn’t make me want me to serve her in a submissive way. It’s more that I like the idea that I have to do what she tells me or else. The “else” in this case is spanking, which I already mentioned turns me on to think about.

So, in my mind I like the things that I don’t always like in reality. You would think that once I discover this fact that I would want to stop the pain. But I don’t. I truly like that I don’t like it. (How many times can you use “like” in a sentence?) I am sexually aroused by all this. Sexually aroused? Then why in the world do you want your penis locked up? See! Perverse! I’m wired this way. Here I am, mild mannered professional who steps into a metaphorical phone booth and emerges as Super Perv.

There is no end to my perversity, at least according to some. I get excited thinking of 2.0 sticking things up my ass. Inquiring minds want to know if that includes other males’ penises. Nope. It’s the one sexual thing about me that is boring. I am strictly heterosexual. Even in the context of humiliation, other males do not enter my fantasies.

There have been studies that reveal almost 80 percent of men have fantasies about being tied up. I’m lucky enough to actually get tied up. Male chastity devices are a form of bondage. The penis is made inaccessible for sexual purposes. That’s probably what attracted me to the idea of being locked into a chastity device in the first place.

I’m very lucky that Mrs. Lion not only puts up with all this, she actively participates. I know for a fact that before I came trotting into her life she never considered spanking, tying up, or sticking things up a man’s ass. She is a very fast learner and has mastered the necessary skills. We are both lucky that enforced chastity and now FLR have turned out to improve our marriage. I have absolutely no idea if anyone else benefits the way we do, but for us perversion is not only a way of life, it is a critical tool that brings us closer.

Perversion is a badge of honor to some and a horrible, disgusting curse to others. It is truly in the eye of the beholder. Mrs. Lion and I don’t consider what we do to be perverted. We think of it as part of our lives; not like June and Ward Cleaver perhaps, but uniquely ours. We don’t write to “convert” vanilla people over to the dark side. We are telling our story. The labels are up to you, the reader.



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    My hubby as surrendered all control to me and we love it. We are actually what would be called a true cuckold couple, but he is sub to me and my men/women friends. I am currently looking for a good cage for him to wear. We are nudists and I think that would look great….him having to walk around in front of our nudist friends with his little dick in a cage.

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    I have not written in before but I thought I would just go ahead and write. I love chastity and so does my wife and we often feel like we are the only perverts like us in the world.
    Anyway, I love your blog and read it daily. Just thought I would let you know.

    1. Author

      Thanks for taking the time to let us know. There are quite a few of us out there.

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