Trust And Verify

I’ve been writing and talking about a stricter 2.0. This prompted her to write a bit about my desire to be securely locked even more of the time. I pointed out that leaving me wild in the shower, for example, gives me an opportunity to masturbate unobserved. She said that if I did this, she would either unlock me and end enforced chastity or punish me. She isn’t sure which.

That comment started me thinking about how things have changed. In the beginning, enforced chastity was my “thing”. Mrs. Lion acted as my keyholder out of a desire to make me happy. Under those circumstances, ending enforced chastity would be the appropriate response to such a blatant defiance of what I wanted. Now, over two years later, I think that things are completely different.

Should I commit the sin of jerking off when not authorized and Mrs. Lion decides that we will end enforced chastity, a lot more will happen than no longer indulging my fantasy. We’ve evolved what started as a sexual game into the linchpin of our sexual relationship. If the cage comes off, how do we maintain the intimacy we have? There is no incentive for her to tease me. That was part of enforced chastity. She isn’t interested in sex for herself so there is no motivation for mutual sexual contact.

I think we would return to our past, unsatisfactory sexual distance. Mrs. Lion and I have discussed what might happen if I got tired of being locked up. She made it clear that is no longer an option for me. The reason: the risk of losing our sexual intimacy and other benefits we both enjoy. This is no longer my kink. It’s a key part of our relationship. So, ending it would be destructive to a lot more than my chastity fantasy.

If you wonder how this could happen since I know how important it is to surrender my sexuality, the answer is fairly simple. Assume I am daydreaming about something sexual while in the shower. I’m uncaged and my hand wanders into forbidden territory. It feels good and before I know it, I come. There is no excuse for it, but it could happen. I’m sure that most guys have had similar experiences. So far I have been extremely careful to no have such thoughts when wild.

Let’s assume I do this. What should Mrs. Lion do when she finds out? Since enforced chastity is so important to us both, ending it is probably off the table. Punishment must be administered. I have no idea what she would do, but I am very sure I wouldn’t forget it. The switch from abandoning the kink to punishing for a serious infraction is an indicator of how important enforced chastity has become for us. That’s why I am writing this. My sexual behavior is not only controlled by my lioness. She owns it absolutely and isn’t going to return it to me, ever.

A reason I wrote about stricter caging is based on my realization that we need to avoid giving me any opportunity to sexually touch myself. Yes, I have excellent self control. But enforced chastity is a 24/7/365 practice. Opportunities to mess up need to be avoided. As I see it, the less possibility of a “mistake” the better for me and for us.

That means I probably shouldn’t have any time when my penis is available and I am not directly supervised. No more “wild” showers unless Mrs. Lion is watching me. No RV weekends uncaged. If I am uncaged to use the bathroom, direct supervision should be supplied. The reason we use a locked chastity device is to make unauthorized sexual touching impossible. Since the consequences of an “accident” would resonate through our relationship, that locked device is much more than a symbol. It prevents a problem that would be difficult to handle.

[Mrs. Lion – I can see Lion’s point about a lapse in concentration in the shower. However, that implies that if he were not caged, a similar lapse in concentration could result in his cheating with another woman. I’m not sure how I would handle that. It would certainly take him a long time to regain my trust. Cheating in the shower may not be as severe an offense as cheating with another woman, but with our relationship at stake, why take a chance?]


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    I’m not sure a lapse in the shower would mean a lapse with a woman could be possible. It wouldn’t work that way with me. As males we’ve been brought up pleasuring ourselves when needed but it is a clear breach of trust to involve another.

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    An easy way to make sure an accident doesn’t happen is a simple rule, hands free or penis free but not both. In other words if your released from your cage you must be handcuffed behind your back to ensure no touching. For shower purposes why not just leave you caged? You can get everything clean even in a cage. Now if you are given enough rope to hang yourself and do slip up and this happened to me one time in the bathroom so I can relate, my punishment included my wife sentenced me to the Kali’s teeth bracelet which she applied then put me over the chair for a caning. No fun at all and I never masturbated without permission again.

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      I usually just send comments like this to the trash. There is no way something this silly could possibly work for long term enforced chastity. But it is a hot fantasy.

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    Here is how I responded to Lion in an email:

    I don’t think I explained myself very well. If I can’t trust you when you are wild then it doesn’t seem much different from being able to trust you around other women. If you know that masturbating might be the end of enforced chastity, why would you do it? Just like if you knew cheating might be the end of our marriage, why would you cheat? I was actually advocating for leaving you wild since you should know better than to masturbate, knowing all there is to lose.

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    Very nice post and I think you are absolutely right in the more strict structure. Good luck!

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