Oral Exam

One of my favorite things is getting Lion hard in my mouth. Feeling him grow with the subtle movements of my tongue – sometimes no movement at all – makes me feel some power. He’s in a very vulnerable position. I could cause him great pain, or give him wonderful pleasure. It all depends on how I move my mouth. I also like the control I have over edging him. I can speed up or slow down. I can put more pressure in certain areas. I can concentrate on the area just below the head. I can stroke all the way down as my lips hold him tight. Yup. It’s my favorite way to drive him crazy. I think it’s his too. [Lion — Yup. It is.]

For a long time I didn’t feel this way. Since I can’t see his face, I wasn’t sure when he was getting close. Practice, practice, practice. Now I can tell when I need to stop. Usually. Sometimes I still go too far. Not last night. I stopped just in time a few times. And then I went right back at him. Pure torture. And he loved it. Although I do think he was a bit dazed by the time I was done. Right now he’s so horny I’m sure he wishes today was his definite orgasm day. He actually seemed like he was in pain when I stopped. Don’t worry, Lion. You’ll have your orgasm soon. [Lion — I’m very happy waiting. I had big fun last night.]

In the meantime, 2.0 has been doing some research. She looking for something different to do with Lion. Maybe a new technique. Maybe a new toy. Something that will surprise Lion that she’s found. There are a lot of possibilities out there and she’s taking her time to find just the right thing. This doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a delay in Lion’s orgasm. She’ll know when it’s time for that and the search for other fun is independent of his orgasm. But wouldn’t it be fun if she could surprise him with the new thing for his orgasm? But she knows Lion will be very happy no matter how or when he has his orgasm. The sooner the better if you ask him.