Lion Is Waiting

I was tired last night. I wasn’t thinking about unlocking Lion. After quite a few sideways glances in my direction and some humphing about being horny, I decided I should unlock him. He knew he wasn’t going to have an orgasm. All I could do was make it worse. But he wanted attention.

This time, when I brought out the bag of tricks, I think he knew he was not going to be as lucky as the night before with the rope. In honor of St. Patrick’s day, and because he doesn’t like green, I selected a strip of green Velcro. Mr. Weenie was not as hard as he was the previous night as soon as the cage came off. I lifted him up and gave him the “up” command a few times. Not so much. He was trying, but still more limp than I expected. He was harder than he normally is when I put Velcro on so the effect wasn’t as great. Usually I get him when he’s soft and then he strains more against the Velcro as he grows. When I release the Velcro there is a sudden rush of blood that causes discomfort. Since he was trying to get hard there was not much strain. It still hurt when I released the Velcro, but not as much.

I proceeded to edge him over and over. I thought I went too far a few times. Poor Lion. He was silently willing me to keep going. I could almost hear him screaming, “Don’t stop!” in his head. But I did stop. Just in time. Every time.

As we were falling asleep he asked why the cage works. We’ve tried to figure this out for almost as long as he’s been caged. He wondered why he’s happy to not have sex now, when he was unhappy with not having sex before. Well, he’s not exactly happy not having sex now, but I know what he means. I think it may be the communication, but also because he’s getting more attention now. And it is sexual attention even if he’s not having orgasms.

This morning I’m wondering about his wait times. He’s very horny right now. No surprise. It’s been a week since his last orgasm. He knows he has to wait at least six more days unless 2.0 takes pity on him. She’s less likely to take pity on him than 1.0 was, but sometimes she just wants to take an orgasm from him. But that brings up a quandary. If 2.0 takes an orgasm early, will he feel robbed of waiting the full scheduled time? I wonder about that every time I give him a bonus orgasm. Is he disappointed because he had resigned himself to waiting? Should 2.0 give a crap about him wanting to wait? She is, after all, in charge of his orgasms. If she decides today is the day, then today is the day. (Hint: today is not the day. Unless 2.0 changes her mind, of course.)

There’s a certain something about having him be incredibly horny. On the other hand, I like to give him an orgasm when he seems ripe for the picking. When he achieves beautiful penis status. When he’s bucking and working so hard to have an orgasm. When it seems like he’ll spontaneously combust if he doesn’t have on right this second. I think he’s actually grateful any time he has an orgasm, whether he was expecting it or not.

[Lion — She’s right. I’m glad I get one anytime 2.0 wants to give me one. I also love the building excitement and nearly-daily teasing. Up to a point (about 3 weeks I think) these feelings grow as I wait. What I like most of all is that I have no control over when or whether I get to come. As Mrs. Lion gets better at edging, these sessions get more and more interesting and frustrating for me.]