Old Lions Can Learn New Tricks

Tuesday night included a nice play time. 2.0 unlocked me and got her bag of goodies. I commented that when the bag comes out — it’s a gallon zip lock filled with clothespins, velcro, soft rope, and other things that can hurt — it generally means there is pain in my immediate future. She disagreed. As usual, she was right. She took out some soft rope and tied my balls so they were extended away from my body and separated. When she does this, they bounce each time her hand moves up or down on my penis. I like that feeling.

Before she could finish tying my balls, I was erect. She edged me a few times; getting extremely close to an orgasm. She then moved between my legs and asked if I wanted to come. I enthusiastically said that I did. She began sucking my cock. She got oh so close and stopped. She asked,

“Are you sure you want to come?”

“Yes, please!”

She began again, stopping just short of the promised land. She repeated this more times than I was capable of counting. She came up for air and said,

“Are you really sure?”

I panted, “Yes!”

“Is this your day?”

“Um, no”

“I didn’t think so.”

With that she got up and moved to her side of the bed. I don’t remember being this hard before. We snuggled, my penis reaching for the sky. Finally, I calmed down and she immediately told me to put my base ring back on. Once on, she locked the cage in place. Needless to say, I’ve been very frustrated ever since.

This is the first time she asked me if I wanted an orgasm and then both physically and verbally refused to give me one. This is truly 2.0 in action. She later told me that this is what I really want her to do. She said,

Isn’t it?

I took a long time before I reluctantly agreed. I was in no mood at that time to say I wanted to be so frustrated. Now, much later, I still don’t like admitting that this sort of frustration is what I want, but it is. Mrs. Lion is getting extremely good at edging me in a way that convinces me that she is going to let me ejaculate. Even though I know she probably won’t, I can’t help myself from believing that I will finally get to come. A couple of months ago, I think she would have gone all the way. Those days of the kindly lioness are over.

Something else has changed. Now that I am unlocked immediately before being used and then locked back up when Mrs. Lion is done, I think I am associating being unlocked with being hard. In the past, after being teased or given an orgasm, I would remain unlocked for some time. So, I didn’t associate the cage being off with being erect. For the last few times, as soon as the cage comes off I get stimulated and become erect. When the session is over, as soon as I get soft, I’m told to put the base ring back on and I get locked up again.

I think I’m learning that I am expected to be hard when unlocked. When the erection wilts, I am locked up again. I wonder if I will be conditioned to start getting hard as soon as the cage comes off. I also wonder if I will get soft as soon as I am told to put the ring back on. It will take a while and very consistent management by Mrs. Lion for this conditioning to take full effect. But early signs are that I seem inclined in that direction.  She can also repeat what she did once before. She pointed to my penis, snapped her fingers and said, “Up, boy!” I loved that. I guess you can teach an old lion new tricks.