We didn’t play last night. It was the end of yet another long week and I just wanted to relax and vegetate. We watched TV and held hands and, yes, I was on my iPad. I’ve been more careful to interact with Lion while I’m on it. I try not to get lost unless I’m reading something. He was on his iPad from time to time too. I considered it a nice, quiet night together. I’m not sure what Lion considered it. Today we have errands to run. It seems the more I want a quiet weekend with no place to go, the more we have to run. Oh well. Such is life.

To make things interesting, I’ll have Lion wear his shock collar while we’re out. A few zaps here and there will keep him on his toes. He tries to be on his best behavior when he’s wearing it, but sometimes he does slip up. Zap! So far I haven’t hit him with the +2 feature which magnifies the zap. I’ve only used it to make him jump so I can see his look of shock. I’m reserving the +2 for when he really screws up. And he will. [Lion — Ye of little faith!]

Lion didn’t get any extra sling time during the week. I’ll have to get him in there this afternoon. He needs some menthol or butt whomps. Mostly he just needs to be restrained. If I did nothing else but restrain him and edge him, he’d be a happy boy. I really should peg him some more. He needs to get ready for the fucking machine at some point. 2.0 has an idea for that, but he needs to be “open” to this new idea first. I find it interesting that every time we had anal sex, I was ready for him, but he’s not ready for the fucking machine. Are you sure women are the weaker sex?

When we get a chance, I want to look at a different collar for Lion. My idea is a chain of some sort. It could even be a heavy necklace. Something that isn’t as thick as the nylon collar and will move with him. He still wouldn’t have to wear it to work but he could wear it out to the store. If it just looks like a necklace it shouldn’t scream COLLAR to anyone who sees it. I’m not looking to embarrass him. I just want something else that reminds him I’m in charge. You know, aside from the cage, and his nakedness, and the shock collar, and the paddles, and me.

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    Stainless steel rope collars from wyredslave.com
    I have worn mine for 2 years ..never comes off ..
    I have the larger gage
    However there are two smaller widths…

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