A number of years ago, Lion decided he wanted an iPad. He shopped around and got one. Several months later he got one for me. As you know, I’m addicted to it. He always felt bad that he got his before I got mine. Since both of them are older, they have gotten agonizingly slow. Lion replaced mine for Christmas. He’s not as addicted to his as I am, so he didn’t see a need to upgrade. Now it’s my turn to feel bad that he (the techie) is stuck with the slow technology. No more.

I just got my profit sharing check from the end of last year. I was debating what to do with it and decided Lion’s iPad troubles were over. I knew he wouldn’t want me to spend my bonus on him so I was going to have him in the shock collar when we went to Costco to get it. If he argued with me I could zap him. End of argument. I had looked online to get the best price and thought Costco was it. For whatever reason I checked again and found it cheaper online. Not only did I save on the price, but I also had no tax or shipping. Win-win. Except I didn’t get to zap Lion in the middle of Costco. (He is correct in saying I don’t need a reason to zap him in the middle of Costco.)

Lion has a problem with keeping his mouth shut as far as suggestions are concerned; I have a problem keeping presents a secret. So I told him I ordered it. As predicted, he said I shouldn’t spend the money on him. There’s that “should”n’t again. I let that one go. Now he feels bad that I used my money on him. He wanted me to use it on something that would make me happy. I did. I used it to make him happy and that makes me happy. While waiting for it to arrive in the mail is not as exciting as handing it to him in the store (and potentially zapping him), I’m glad he’ll have the newer, faster iPad. And I’m no longer keeping the secret I’ve had for a week. [Lion -I’m very grateful that I will have a new iPad, but I do feel badly that Mrs. Lion spent her money on me.]

Maybe I’m getting the hang of this female led relationship thing. I made a decision I knew Lion wouldn’t like and I was prepared to zap him if he argued. True, it didn’t have anything to do with the menthol rub and nail polish taunting him from the bathroom counter, but I haven’t left them out of the weekend’s activities. They just didn’t factor into the Friday night portion. There are two more days left. *evil grin*


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    I was hoping to hear that you had zapped him–is that mean of me? And then to hear his accounting of it. I hope to hear of a zapping in public at some point in the future! Meanwhile I trust you and Lion will have a wonderful weekend!

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