After my post yesterday, Lion informed me he’d ordered ginger oil. Of course he did. I can’t mention anything without him jumping right on it. He gets so excited. There was no reason to wait, but it still seemed quick to me. He managed to get it delivered the same day. Apparently Amazon is testing out delivering things the second you hit the order button. We did have to wait until after 8, but once we had it Lion wanted to try it. Right this second. And he kept mentioning it until I finally tried it on him.

It didn’t smell very strong. I thought maybe it needed a chance to breathe. Not knowing how strong it actually was, I didn’t use very much. We started with a finger tip’s worth. Lion reported no effect. I took a little more and actually inserted my finger a little bit. Nothing. Phooey. It finally started to smell stronger, but there was little to no effect on Lion’s anus. Either I need to use a lot more or it doesn’t work at all.

I’m wondering if we need to grind up the actual ginger and use it as a paste of sorts. Lion pointed out that the essential oil should be the same as grinding up ginger. What do I know? I’m just trying to come up with ideas to make it work. If all else fails we’ll just continue on with the ginger butt plugs. I know that works.

Lion also ordered peppermint oil. He’s a glutton for punishment. Why don’t we try jalapenos too? The peppermint oil might work. I know he likes when I brush my teeth and then give him a blow job. We’ll have to keep experimenting. It’s a tough job, but we can do it.

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    “Tough job”
    That just made me laugh out loud!

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