We’re in a bit of a lull right now. Mrs. Lion is not sleeping well and has been too tired for sexual activity. It’s not like I’m deprived. My last orgasm was only three days ago, but I know it bothers her when she feels that she isn’t doing enough. I’m not asking or hinting for any activity. I resolved not to do that this new year. We have the weekend coming up and I hope there will be time for some fun then. We also have a lot of errands to run, so things might not work out. I understand. What matters is that the two of us are together and we love the time we get to share.

A couple of things are working against us having time for edging and play. The most significant is that Mrs. Lion comes home tired from work and by the time we have dinner and she spends time unwinding with her iPad, it’s after 10 PM. That’s when I start getting tired. Our energy cycles are not matching. Weekends aren’t much better. A day of errands wears her out. For some reason I am fine after running around. Our pattern is that on a day when we have to go out an do things, we don’t get to play. That, at least in my mind, is why the dungeon and sling don’t get used for months on end. Sadly, we seem to need to go out both weekend days. That activity shouldn’t take all of her energy.

There may be an elephant in the room. Mrs. Lion is still not interested in sex. So, all of the things she does for me can’t be reciprocated by me providing her with sexual satisfaction. I know that she doesn’t think of this unbalance as a reason for not doing things with me. She isn’t like that and she knows that I am ready to do anything she may want. It isn’t the unbalance; at least not directly. There is something energizing, I think, about sex being reciprocated. Aside from the fact I would love it, I suspect that getting her body involved in our activities might help her feel more energized. I may be completely wrong. Just something I’ve thought about.

Finally, Mrs. Lion may need to consider that the loss of energy and poor sleep are symptoms of something else. I worry about that. Her doctor is very hands off (I know because she used to be my doctor). Maybe a more aggressive medical evaluation would be helpful; not about her libido but about the low energy and sleep issues. I worry about this. For the record, more edging and play will not cure my worry. I need my lioness to be healthy and happy. I’ll do anything to help.



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    This sounds a lot like my husband & I. I love him with all my heart & soul but the energy isn’t there. Sometimes I just want to snuggle & do nothing but watch TV, I feel so stressed & pressured if I don’t do something sexual most of the time. He recently had knee surgery so he’s been out of sink sexually but now he’s getting back into things & I’m exhausted from being the full time nurse & care giver along with being a full time mom & taking her here & there for appointments & working full time. Who wants to have anything to do with sex after a day like that& that’s everyday.

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      I understand completely. I’m sure your husband does too. Certainly things get much more complicated with helping him after his surgery.It must seem very unfair to add extra effort to your already-overflowing schedule. This is the sort of situation that creates a very justifiable case for putting sex on the back burner. It seems to me that this is like putting your relationship behind things you have to do. I can’t know what things are like for you, but I know how I feel when Mrs. Lion is too tired to snuggle and maybe give me sexual attention. It feels like everything except me is being considered first. Perhaps you should talk about this in detail with him and see if you can’t fit sex somewhere into your schedule. Even talking about it will help. It shows you understand.

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