Half A Million Words Ago

I’ve been writing a post every day since starting this blog 693 days ago. It surprises me that I’ve still got anything to say. Don’t do it! Don’t say I stopped having anything to say 692 days ago; it would hurt my feelings. Mrs. Lion has been writing daily posts nearly as long. The reason for all these words (my average is about 700 words a post or nearly 500,000 since I began), is that I wanted our blog to become a part of our readers’ lives. I don’t know if we succeeded or not. Lots of people read us, but I don’t know if we’ve managed to do that.

When we started out, I made the decision for better or worse, that we would not spend a lot of time describing our sexual adventures. I think it was the right decision. There are many blogs that do this far better than we could. Also, in the beginning my thought was to share what we know and learn about enforced chastity in a way that is woman friendly. So much of what I found on the web was porn with a chastity device. I could imagine how a guy would ask his wife to lock him up and then point her to sites that he used to jerk off. I suspect a lot of women decided to forgo enforced chastity after reading this source material.

So, the lofty goal here was to provide a stable reference (all those links across the top of the page) as well as a blog that told our real-life story in a way we would tell a friend. That friend, of course, is you. These posts also turned into one of the important ways that Mrs.Lion and I communicate. Most of the time she learns of my latest ideas for us in my posts. I read her reaction a few hours later in her post. So it goes, the sexual tennis match of our lives unfolding on the main court of The Male Chastity Journal. It’s worked surprisingly well.

I, for example, serve an idea about using a doggy shock collar as a way to express displeasure at my misbehavior at the same time I commit the offense. She returns the serve with a very tentative yes curving toward the right boundary with doubt about how this could work. I return her shot with one down the line letting her know I ordered the device and we could try it. Enough tennis! She responded in her post we could try it that weekend.

So its gone. Propose, try, react, try again or quit; all chronicled here. I think that one reason we have been successful is that we have this daily opportunity to test the waters and course correct. Everything we have written about us and our lives is true. I know that means it isn’t always bodice-ripping sexual adventures. In fact, it almost never is. But it’s real and it’s us, warts and all. Thanks for staying with us.

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    I want to say that u have enjoyed being able to watch your lives play out. I check back everyday, looming forward to an update. Thank you for taking so much time and care into this!

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