Mrs. Lion apparently thinks that a lot of what I come up with is hare brained. [Mrs. Lion – Hare brained from a non-kinky point of view.]  I think the more accurate description is weenie brained. The way it usually works is that I read about something that turns me on. I think about it and find more information. This goes on for a while until I decide this is something I just have to do. At that point I try to work out a way to do it. This is what happened with spanking, CBT, and of course, enforced chastity.

As my excitement builds I try to experience it in real life. So, I ask Mrs. Lion. A short time after we met, I asked her to spank me. She very tentatively agreed. At first she administered tiny love taps. In a short while she was whaling away with the best of them. The same was true of CBT, anal play, figging, and most recently, enforced chastity.

I admit that I had a big head start on Mrs. Lion with enforced chastity. I have been reading about it and experimenting with it for years before I met her. I gave up on the idea in the late 90’s because I couldn’t find a practical device. Frankly, I forgot all about it; what with the spanking, CBT, anal play and other things my lioness was doing to me. A little over two years ago, I rediscovered it and the erection returned. I found inexpensive, fairly practical devices, tried some, and the rest is history.

Usually when I am “exploring” something I don’t talk about it. That’s partly due to the fact that I’m a bit embarrassed that I have found yet another perversion that gets me hard. Also, I like to know what I am talking about before broaching the subject. I realize that, to Mrs. Lion it feels like I am pouncing on her with yet another weird request. She’s learned that it doesn’t work that way. I’m just not very good at sharing what I’m thinking about when I am concerned I will look even sillier than I am. I only come out with the request when my desire to try this new thing bubbles over the top of my mental pot and I just have to experience it.

To minimize embarrassment I will usually pose my request in a very casual way. My request for enforced chastity went something like this,

“Umm. I’ve been thinking about wearing a chastity device. What do you think?”

Not very revealing. Mrs. Lion asked me what I was talking about. I went into my office and brought back an inexpensive Chinese chastity device. She took it from me and studied it from a few angles,

“You want to lock this around your cock?”

“Well, not exactly. I want you to lock it on me and only let me out long enough to tease me and not let me come and then put it back on me.”

This started a short discussion where I explained how I saw it working. I tried to keep things as simple as possible. With a really puzzled look on her face, Mrs. Lion said,

“We can try that.”

And so it began. You can read the entire story in real time if you go back and read this blog from the beginning. That will take a very long time. What happened was that as I wore the device, I came up with, researched, and pounced with even more ideas pertaining to our power exchange. From time to time I overwhelmed my lioness. She never said no and she always tried her best to do what I asked.

She’s tried every weenie-brained idea I suggested. [Mrs. Lion – Except the sounds. I’m not brave enough for them.] No wonder she thinks I’m crazy.


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    Wow – you’ve described very accurately the process I usually go through when I discover something new, kink-wise. Some things end up never seeing the light of day (or more accurately, never escape the twisty passages of my own thoughts), either because I’m just too embarrassed, or because I “wear out” the kink without ever needing to physically experience it.

    Chastity play got a *great deal* of research, including experimentation on my own, before I ever presented it to my wife. I tried to go slowly and gently, but it was still a pretty big curve for her. (That seems to be all better, now – and then some!)

  2. Author

    I love this! I have the same type of weenie brained thoughts. I see something and I want to try it in the worst way. But am afraid to ever say anything about it to my wife. I feel like she does want to please me and accommodate my silly ideas, even if she can’t imagine how I would find them desirable.
    I am so tempted to just buy a chastity device and present it to her like you did.
    Yup, I really would like to try sounds. She did try a chopstick on/in me once. Now I have it in my head that being her feminized maid would be fun.
    I’ll just have to tell her it’s all due to my weenie-brain.

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