A little more than two years ago today, Lion came to me with yet another (I thought) hare-brained idea. He wanted me to lock him into a chastity device. Of course I don’t remember exactly what I was thinking at that particular moment in time, but it was probably something like: What now? Who ever heard of such a ridiculous idea? This won’t last long. Just humor him. Etc. At that point we weren’t doing much in the sex department anyway and, I admit, it just seemed like another chore.

Those first few cages were horrible. Too many moving parts that had to come together just so, without pinching poor Lion in the process. The Chinese one is so bad that I prefer to leave Lion wild when he has to send the Jail Bird back for any reason. Since Lion is in charge of the finances, I had no idea how much he was spending on these cages. Had I known how much the Jail Bird cost, I might have committed to lock him up for the rest of his life just to make sure we got our money’s worth. As it is, we’ve gotten a lot more than our money’s worth. [Lion – It cost a bit over $400 and Mrs. Lion is committed to locking me up the rest of my life!]

If you look back over previous posts throughout these two years, you’ll see a lot of pushback from me. [Lion – To put it mildly.]  This is indeed a foreign idea to me. Why would I want to tease Lion? Why would I want to get him close and then not give him an orgasm? I’m not one of “those” girls. It always seemed logical (if I can use that word for things that haven’t always been logical to me) to end a play session with an orgasm for Lion. Isn’t that the point? I must admit, I still don’t really understand the appeal of being locked away. Then again, I don’t understand the appeal of being spanked or any of the other things that float Lion’s boat. The good part is that I don’t have to understand. All I have to know is that Lion wants it and I can do it for him. [Lion – I am so lucky!]

So, here we are, two years later. It’s been a wild ride so far with no signs of calming down anytime soon. I thank you, our readers, for riding along with us. We certainly don’t have the kinks all worked out yet (see what I did there?) but we’re happier now than we were before we started. And it’s all because of a silly piece of metal locked securely around Mr. Weenie.

Happy anniversary, my pet.