Lion Had His Chance

Last night Lion and I talked a bit about things he would like to do more often. He said it was difficult to come up with a list on the spur of the moment. He also said he is reluctant to make a list because it would be like a menu for me to pick and choose from. Well, duh! What does he think I’ve been doing all along? I’ve generally been doing things he’s taught me. I didn’t know any of this stuff beforehand. The only things I came up with on my own are the Velcro and the nail polish, and those are really just extensions of bondage and frilly panties.

What’s the big deal if he gives me a menu anyway? So he tells me what he’d like more of and maybe what he’d like less of. Does that mean I’m always going to follow the menu? Sometimes I can go a-la-cart and sometimes I can go for the secret menu items. Sometimes I take his idea and twist it in a way he never thought of. I don’t usually blindly follow the herd. I just want to make sure I’m not forgetting something he really likes to do. We have a lot of toys and sometimes all the paddles start to look alike when some are sting-y and others are thumpy. Some toys are better for X and others for Y.

He has offered to help me figure out how to use something if I am clueless. I may need some help. On the other hand, I can probably research online like he wants me to. I’ll putter around the dungeon and come up with my own ideas. They won’t necessarily be ideas Lion likes. Oh well. He had his chance. [Lion – Spoiler alert. Actually, my post tomorrow talks about what I might like.]