A Week Away From The Two-Year Mark

In one week it will be our second chastiversary. For a couple who had almost no sexual contact in December 2013, we managed to start, build, and sustain enforced chastity for two, whole years. Most of the credit has to go to Mrs. Lion. Since we began living together, she has been willing to do anything that makes me happy. Over the years she’s given me wonderful gifts; some she had to borrow money to give me. The greatest gift is her love. She still has no interest in sex for herself, but she works hard to make sure my sex life is both fun and frustrating.

I wish I could do something to revive her libido. I miss hearing her sounds of pleasure when she comes. I miss so many things we once shared. She is a great lion rider. When she rode me for her orgasms, she would face me. That position gave her the most direct stimulation. It also gave me the least. I really liked that. Now when she rides me it is reverse cowgirl with her facing my feet. I get the most stimulation that way. All this sexual reminiscing is not meant to make my lioness feel badly or for her to have orgasms whether she wants them or not. It’s just very pleasant memories.

Two years of enforced chastity has changed us. I’ve learned that my orgasm is not the point of  my penis being stimulated. I am very  happy to have non-orgasmic sex. I’ve also learned to growl less, not interrupt as much, and to make sure that I ask permission before just running off and doing something. I’m not very good at any of those things, but I think I am making progress.

Mrs. Lion has learned a few things too. She is more assertive with me. She even yells at me sometimes. She’s not afraid to use spanking as a way to assist my memory, though I think the spanking part is more my doing than hers. I do think that she has grown stronger with me. I love to see that progress even if it does cost me some freedom.

What I like best about our two years with enforced chastity is the way my lioness and I have grown even closer. We talk more; we laugh more; we touch and snuggle more. Through the hardest times our closeness continued. I know we are inseparable with or without enforced chastity. I think it is easier and offers more opportunities for growth if we continue. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter what I want. Mrs. Lion has the key and has made it very clear that things will not be changing. Sometimes in the middle of the night I wonder if I really want to continue. Then I remember it isn’t up to me and I go back to sleep.