Updating Our Play Schedule

Over the last two years we’ve learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work for us. My biggest lesson has been that change takes time; usually more time than I would like. What seems simple in my mind’s eye ends up being much more complex in practice. Take sensation play, for example. I love being tied up, CBT (Cock and Ball Torture), spanking, and anal play to just name a few. Mrs. Lion has no problem with those. So, in my mind it seemed reasonable and fun if we could add sensation play to our teasing sessions; sort of adding a “toll” of pain for the pleasure.

Mrs. Lion agreed to try it. It didn’t take long for us to realize a few things. I discovered that I was not looking forward to the sensation play. It got to the point that I almost asked Mrs. Lion to skip teasing me. She knew I was getting tired of CBT. It’s her go-to play technique. I was. But I was also having trouble with so much pain play.

She, on the other hand, was stressing about what to do each time. CBT is easy. She has a bunch of toys in a ziploc bag right near the bed. She knew I was not happy with so much of that. Last weekend she had me wear a butt plug for a few hours. That was fun and not too much work for her. But if I had to do that every day, it would quickly grow old. It turns out I’m not a bottomless pit of bottoming desires.

I think that this discovery is a relief to my lioness. If I were in her place it would be to me. Now, she wonders exactly what I do want. So am I. We can rule out daily sensation play. Maybe we should try weekly instead. That way she has a chance to plan what she wants to do and to build anticipation and worry in me for days and days. If weekly isn’t often enough we can add a midweek session. I’m quite sure that more than twice a week is too much for both of us.

In a recent post, Mrs. Lion asked me to list what sort of play I would like; sort of like asking me if I want poison or the electric chair. I promised to think about it and come up with a list. Here’s what I have so far:

  1. Spanking. She knows I love the fun kind when she gives me a hot, red butt building gradually.
  2. Anal play. Working up to pegging with dildos and maybe using the fucking machine once I get used to penetration would be good. I ordered a smaller Vac-U-Lock one that will fit on our machine. Butt plugs are a standby too.
  3. Bondage. Everyone knows how much I like that.
  4. CBT. I do like it, just not exclusively.

I’m sure there’s more, but these four represent very big categories. If you want to get some idea of just how much, take a look at SM 101: A Realistic Introduction by Jay Weisman. It’s an excellent guide to beginning sensation play. Mrs. Lion said in her post yesterday that she would be doing her own research. She also mentioned something about frilly panties. Has she been thinking about that along with the dreaded nail polish?

I am extremely lucky to be married to someone who cares so much about me that she is willing to do research on how to torture and embarrass me. What a girl! Seriously, she has consistently gone way out of her way to make my dreams come true. I am truly the luckiest guy in the world!