Mushy, Sugary People

Lion and I find ourselves in an interesting position. Each of us is convinced we don’t do enough for the other. I suppose that’s better than each of us thinking, “Gosh, I do everything for him/her and I get nothing in return.” In our situation, we try to do more for the other person. I think that’s nice. I always want Lion’s next orgasm to be the best he’s ever had. I always want him to think he’s lucky to have me because I know how lucky I am to have him.

That may seem all mushy and sugary, but I hope it helps explain why I do what I do for him. I guess I’m beyond wondering what Lion will do for me in return. It’s better to give than receive. It’s true of birthdays and Christmas and it’s true of play and sex. In a way, I guess I’m selfish though. I give to Lion but I don’t allow him to give to me. With regard to sex, at least. It’s not intentional, of course. I just don’t care about sex for myself. I have a feeling we’ll be working on that problem soon.

For now, Lion is the focus of all the sexual attention. We’re both happy with that. He’d be a lot happier if every session ended in an orgasm. Last night he was less than thrilled about the red and green Velcro I wrapped around him. And even less thrilled when I teased him without release. Not that he expected to get release, but a Lion can hope. He’s got one more day to wait. I think he can make it. (He does too.)

As we get closer to Christmas, we both know the best present we will ever get is each other. We are two very mushy, sugary people. The good thing is, there’s no calories involved in being sweet to each other.