Lion has decided that “I like when he’s horny” translates into his not getting an orgasm until he is at his plateau and presumably isn’t very interested. I’m not sure where he got that idea from. Why would I want to give him an orgasm if he isn’t very interested? I’ve done it before, yes, but I think my point is that I want him so frustrated that he can almost spontaneously orgasm. If I wait too long we’ve both lost out. He no longer cares and I don’t get that incredibly hard cock straining to have its moment of glory. I’m not sure how to describe it, but when Lion is really, really ready, he gets so hard his penis gets that nice curve to it and the head is very pronounced and the skin is stretched tight. It’s beautiful, if you can call a penis beautiful.

So that’s my goal. Maybe from now on, even when we get to a scheduled date, if he’s not horny enough he won’t get his orgasm. He has to prove to me that he wants it. He doesn’t have to do it all by himself, of course. I’ll be giving him a helping hand or mouth, along with clothes pins, paddles, Velcro, and other assorted things. But he has to show me that beautiful penis if he wants an orgasm. And I know I’ll cheat. I give him bonus orgasms all the time. I’m a horrible top, except that when I want to give him an orgasm just because, as a top, I’m well within my rights. But there will be times, like now, when I want to see that beautiful penis and know that he is oh-so-close and so damn frustrated he would hump a tree if he could.

Lion is now a few days past his scheduled orgasm and we’re still working on getting him horny enough. He may be very frustrated right now, but I know he’s loving every minute of it. Well, maybe not every minute. [Lion – Most minutes]

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    Mrs. Lion,
    I have recently become a keyholder myself, and I’m new to this blog. Being in a same sex relationship makes it rather difficult to find anything on line regarding male chastity other than heterosexual sites, but I would believe it’s all one in same. However, reading this particular entry of your blog, I cannot help but share the same feeling/want of my husband. He came to me with wanting to be locked up about two months ago, and things have become very exciting and new (we’ve been together for 18 years now). I’ve always felt like the dominant one when it came to sex. So having him give me this level of control is just exhilarating. Now to the point of my comment; could you give me some advise as to how would I get my husband to the point of wanting it, like Mr. Lion does. I, like you, find fully excited erect penis beautiful as well, and I’ve been trying out suggestions I’ve found on the internet. When you tease Mr. Lyon, is it with something he likes? or something you like?… I have read blogs about teasing the locked male, and all tricks to try. I have gone through most of them, but it only seems to work when my caged man gets a teasing technique that only interests him. This makes all other techniques that I come up with, and they are good ones, something that doesn’t seem to phase him. He tends to get bored with it, since he knows he won’t be able to have an orgasm. What would you suggest I try, to get him to the point where the skin of his penis is so stretched, and his head is really pronounced like that of Mr. Lion?

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