Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Lion led me to our dungeon. I had been unlocked and climbed into the sling. Mrs. Lion began by doing some much-needed hair removal. During the process I became hard. I was quite surprised. I’ll save the description of the rest of the proceedings for Mrs. Lion’s post later today. What I do want to talk about is the remarkable  change in my interest in sex.

Since my last orgasm a week ago on Sunday, I didn’t feel any real interest in sex. None. Mrs. Lion unlocked me last Tuesday and we cuddled. She tried to arouse me, but it just didn’t work. On Thursday she unlocked me and did manage to get me hard. After a lot of attention she edged me. I know, you’re thinking that means I was interested after all. Hang on, there’s more. After the edging I immediately lost my erection and with it, any interest in more activity. The edging was nice, but not really something I cared about.

That is certainly out of character. I was concerned. Clearly, something was going on. I wasn’t upset with Mrs. Lion. Work is going very well. There was no reason for my loss of libido. I knew that Mrs. Lion had plans for us to play this weekend. I wasn’t interested. So, yesterday when the time finally came, even as I was being secured in the sling, my interest was low. But as soon as Mrs. Lion touched my penis I reacted normally. An internal switch was thrown and I was the normal, horny lion Mrs. Lion knows and loves.

I’ve reported how my interest in sex follows a predictable pattern after each orgasm. This last time was completely different. In the past there were periods when I wasn’t very horny. These periods last from a few days to weeks. This time, if it is my normal sexual cycle was far more severe. I just don’t understand why. What’s worse for me is that I have no idea if the same thing will happen after our fun today. I had an orgasm yesterday after seven days of waiting. I am dreading a repeat this week.

Maybe I shouldn’t be concerned. After all, it makes waiting painless. But it isn’t the “me” that I know. I want to be horny. I want to ache for that orgasm. I don’t want to be indifferent to whether or not I get to come.