Super Sunday

Mrs. Lion was true to her word. Yesterday we had a very good play session. It included a few new features. She started out by  shaving me front and back. Some hair had grown in. Once I was shaved to her satisfaction, she inserted the Njoy butt plug. She told me to turn over and then put a Velcro strip around the base of my soft cock (there was a post about this a bit ago). Then using her hand and the Magic Wand, she got me fully erect. The Velcro strip hurt but my erection wasn’t paying any attention. She then released the Velcro. That give me a sharp jolt of pain.  She wasn’t done with CBT. She then put two small, very nasty clothespins on the head of my cock. The pain is excruciating. Once on, she massaged my penis that stupidly got hard (just like in this image) despite the pain. After a little begging on my part, she removed them. Then, using a combination of her hand and the Magic Wand,  she edged me several times. Done at last, we settled back to watch the NY Giants win against Tampa Bay. The plug remained in for the duration of the game.

It was a very intense session. I was a bit disappointed in myself that I begged to get the clothespins off the head of my penis. I suggested that I need practice. At some point I should be able to take these little devils completely surrounding the head of my penis. That is clearly some time off. I asked if Mrs. Lion would continue to work with me on this. (Stupid, masochistic lion!) While I was being edged it occurred to me that it would be interesting if I were conditioned to get an erection each time I am anally penetrated. My thought was that before I get any sexual stimulation, something is inserted in my ass. Over time, I would be conditioned to associate sexual stimulation with the penetration and I would get hard simply by being penetrated. If she is up for it, maybe Mrs. Lion could do this. Sexual conditioning is something I have long been interested in experiencing.

I realize that I am already sexually conditioned by the many months of being locked in a chastity device. I never think about masturbating and even when out of the cage, I forget it isn’t there. I am conditioned to immediately put the A-ring on when Mrs. Lion gives it to me. I don’t even think about it. But I have never experienced arousal as a result of behavioral conditioning.  I wonder how that would feel. When I am secured in bondage, I get aroused, but if that is conditioning, I did that myself because I love being restrained. It does show that it’s possible to have me unconsciously associate something with arousal.

The reason this is so fascinating to me is that once conditioned, the behavior doesn’t need my agreement or participation. It’s almost involuntary. In the case of getting an erection upon some non-sexual stimulus, it is particularly obvious to me and the person who conditioned me. It is well established that having a plug or dildo up my ass doesn’t arouse me visibly. So it is a fair test. Another possibility is to be conditioned to get hard when spanked for fun. Punishment spanking should certainly not arouse me. I’ve never sustained an erection through a play spanking. This may be much more difficult to accomplish since the stimulation to my penis is required at the same time as the spanking.

These are fantasies I have had for a long time. Like most fantasies, they are much harder to do in real life than in my imagination. The anal conditioning came to mind because it isn’t too different than our normal teasing routine. The only difference is the pre-stimulation anal insertion. Of course, insertion would be needed before orgasms as well. It may be too much trouble in real life. It may not work even if we do it faithfully. I just don’t know. I’m curious.