Another No-Play Saturday

We both started out yesterday exhausted. Between running to the eye doctor and running errands in the rain, we were done in. My legs were in pain and Lion was falling asleep. It was clear there would be no play in the afternoon. When it was time to start dinner, we still had chores to do which included me crawling around on the floor to fix a cabinet shelf that had broken. It was not what my legs needed. But after dinner, with the help of some pain relievers, I could have played. Lion said he was still tired and knew I didn’t feel well so he’d rather wait until Sunday.

So, here we are, Sunday and the laundry needs to be done and there are other chores to do. The dog woke us up early again so that was the end of sleeping in. And I’m starting to sound like Lion whining about being horny. He was horny yesterday. He told me several times before exhaustion took over. Anyway, today we’re going to play. I don’t care if I have to take an entire bottle of pain relievers (yes, I know that’s not a good idea and I won’t really do it) or if I have to keep throwing water on Lion’s face to keep him awake, we are playing. Some Icy Hot on his balls would certainly wake him up, but I don’t think that will be necessary.

I feel bad when we don’t play. I feel like I’m letting Lion down. Even if it’s his idea not to play because he’s tired or sick or worried or whatever. I don’t like letting Lion down. He’s my world and I want him to have everything that’s within my power to give him. The good news is that today, the laundry is almost done, my legs don’t hurt, and I think Lion is wide awake. As a matter of fact, he’s yelling down the stairs asking if we’re going to play at some point. That’s a very good sign.