Jump Start

The weekend is here at last. I’m off to the eye doctor first thing, then we will go to a doughnut shop nearby (that may not sound like a big deal, but good doughnuts are as rare as diamonds in the Pacific Northwest). Exciting, huh? We’ve both been pretty tired. This not only affects our mood but also our sexual ambition. After reading Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday, I know that she will have some plans for me in the near future. I’m sure that will involve some discomfort on my part.

I’ve written a lot about how my interest in sex varies as I wait for the next orgasm. This cycle almost never varied even when we were in dire financial straits. However, this time my vision problem seems to blunt any interest I might have had in sexual activity. As I learned Thursday night, it doesn’t mean I can’t be aroused. It just means that without active stimulation, I am perfectly happy to forget about sex. I know this won’t last. Mrs. Lion isn’t going to let that happen. I’ll have fun once she gets my motor running.

For some reason, the security screw on the Jail Bird loosens up on its own. After a couple of days it starts to work itself out. This is new. I do clean the cage at least once a month in our ultrasonic cleaner. I’ve been doing that since last spring, so I don’t think that’s the cause. Mrs. Lion has been extra careful to tighten it, yet it still loosens after a couple of days. The risk isn’t that I will find a way to get free. It’s that we might lose the screw. Have you had that problem.

This will be my shortest post in a long time. I’m tired and we have a lot to do. More tomorrow.

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    I also have the jail bird by M M, in chastity 24/7. My security screw works it’s way loose right away, I don’t even get one day of tight lock down. Guess this is a hybrid cross between “honor system” and locked. I did get two screws, but they both get loose almost immediately.

    This reminds me of a hot topic among chastity practitioners. There are those who prefer using no device and supposedly rely solely on the honor system. As for me, with no device, the honor system is a totally wasted effort after about second or third day. It will find a way to get itself taken care of! I just don’t see how others can claim that the honor system alone can work for them. As for me, interestingly, simply the mere presence of my device in place guarantees my chastity. I could very easily remove my cage, cheat, replace it. But instead, I am forever finger tightening that dang little loose screw. So go figure, I guess there is a third camp in the discussion of locked VS honor … something like honor while pseudo-locked.

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