Last night my plans for Lion were thwarted again. Yesterday, Lion told me his eye hurt. He thought he might have scratched it. On the way home, lights were bothering it, he couldn’t see very well, and it was very red. Luckily I work for eye doctors. Also luckily, it was the night the office has late hours (although I know they would have met me at the office even after hours). I turned around and brought him right back to work with me. Poor Lion has an evil eye infection. Last night we got drops and this morning we were off to see how those drops were working. He got an additional drop to use and tomorrow we’ll be back for another visit. He may even be back on Friday for another visit. You just don’t mess around with eye infections. Needless to say, with his angry eyeball and not being able to wear his contact lens in the infected eye, he had to stay home today. Luckily he can work from home. I don’t think anyone wants him at work with a very red eye, although it might pass as part of a Halloween costume.

In the middle of the night, Lion also mentioned that the screw on his cage seemed loose. He tightened it the best he could by hand and I forgot to get the key out to tighten it more this morning. I was too busy trying to get him to the doctor and then myself back to work. I told him he has two choices. If it comes loose again, he can either remove it or break open the emergency key to tighten it. I’m not sure which he’ll choose. I’m not even sure it will be an issue. I just hope he doesn’t lose the screw.

Depending on how Lion feels tonight, we’ll play. I think now that he knows what’s wrong with his eye and the pain may be subsiding as he uses his drops, he may feel more up to playing. And if I don’t have to make another round trip to work, I’ll feel more up to playing. We’ve both been feeling yucky the past few days. Maybe it was Lion’s eye brewing up the infection. Maybe it’s the change in the weather. Maybe we’re getting colds. Who knows. I just hope we can settle in tonight and maybe, even if we don’t play, we can have a calm night to snuggle.