I don’t want to waste your time with the state of my health, but since it affects our enforced chastity, I figured I should. I woke up on Tuesday with a sore eye. It felt like I might have scratched it on the pillow case while sleeping. It wasn’t alarming. As the day wore on, I got more and more uncomfortable. On my ride home from work I was so light sensitive I had to wear my sunglasses even though it was cloudy. When Mrs. Lion got home from work I asked her to see if one of the doctors in her office (she works for an eye practice) could see me. They had late hours so it was no problem. I had no idea why I was uncomfortable. As soon as I saw an optometrist I learned that I have an ulcer on my cornea. This is apparently caused by a bacterial infection. These ulcers leave a scar, so if it impinges on the area I need to see, it will hurt my vision. So far it is just to the side of that area. I returned to the office at 8am on Wednesday. It was inflamed which hinders healing. So now I am putting antibiotic and cortisone drops in my eye every two hours. This morning I am returning again to check for progress. My sensitivity has been drastically reduced. I’m hoping that things are getting better.

As you might imagine, I haven’t been thinking about much besides the ulcer and worrying it could prevent me from working. My drive to work is 30 miles each way. About half of the drive is on freeways. I’m hoping that by the time you read this, I am on my way to the office under my own power. I’m writing this late Wednesday afternoon. Since I am feeling better, I hope Mrs. Lion is also feeling good and we can have some fun. I won’t be very disappointed if we can’t. Sexual things have to take a back seat when facing such a serious issue. As Mrs. Lion mentioned in her post yesterday, I woke up in the middle of the night and when adjusting the Jail Bird, something didn’t feel right. The security screw had worked its way out; not all the way but very loose. I used my fingers to tighten it as well as I could. It’s stayed in place since then. This was the first time the security screw loosened on its own. I guess Mrs. Lion didn’t fully tighten it after my wonderful oral/vibrator orgasm on Sunday night.

My only concern when I found that the screw was loose was that I might lose it. I have absolutely no desire to “escape”. If you’re new to enforced chastity, that may seem odd.  It’s not. I’m typical of guys who have been caged for a while. I am chaste by consent. My sexual surrender is voluntary. I’m not interested in escape. I want Mrs. Lion to be firmly in charge. Because I support her control, doesn’t mean I can change my mind. I can’t. The security screw that locks my chastity device symbolizes that it doesn’t matter if I agree to be caged or not. I made an irrevocable agreement to be caged and transfer all control to my lioness. All that complaining about my frustration will get me is a painful spanking. In sickness or health, horny or not, I am caged. End of story. Wish me luck. I’m very worried about this eye problem.