Is This the WIIFM He’s Been Looking For?

This morning, Lion got confirmation that his eye is doing better. It’s not all roses and champagne yet, but the ulcer is shrinking and things are healing. It might be another week before it’s completely healed and some time after that before he can wear a contact in that eye. His vision has improved slightly so he is on the mend.

We didn’t play last night. And it wasn’t because I wasn’t feeling well or Lion was worried about his eyes. I think it was just the day after an orgasm lull. We held hands and snuggled a bit while watching TV. There was closeness even if there was no play. And sometimes closeness is better. I know, all the guys reading this just rolled their eyes. Closeness is better than play or sex? Yes. Not just because I don’t care about orgasms right now, but because when you’re in a long-term relationship, it can’t all be about play and sex. No one is “on” 24 hours a day.

Today we’re running errands and, assuming we don’t fall asleep as soon as we hit the house later, Lion will have some fun. What’s that, you say? Lion fun? Do tell. Nope. No cheating. He just needs to know that there is fun in store. Well, fun may not be the word he’d use. If it’s a diaper then it’s not much fun for Lion. Is it a diaper? My lips are sealed. Maybe it’s nail polish. Hmmm…that might be it. Or maybe not. I want to get those wheels turning in his mind. Sometimes he psychs himself out and thinks the worst then I come along and tie him to the bed and give him a fun spanking. But I could just as easily tie him to the bed and use Icy Hot. So many choices. Good thing it’s the weekend.

Lion has been talking the past few days about WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). I’ve been trying to tell him I like making him happy and there doesn’t have to be anything else in it for me. However, I think I may be changing as well. Last night when he got home I was making dinner. I just started to say that I needed to make the sauce when he asked if there shouldn’t be a sauce too. If he had been listening, he would have heard me. He also asked if something had arrived in the mail just after I told him he got a package in the mail. What the hell? So I yelled at him. [Lion – It wasn’t yelling; but you did tell me to stop interrupting.] Why isn’t he listening to me? I do tend to let things go so yelling at him is different for me. Maybe it’s the start of what he wants. I suppose I should have spanked him right there in the middle of the kitchen [Lion- Yes!], but I didn’t. Just yelling at him was a big step. Maybe I’m on the way to speaking up for myself.

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    Yes I agree closeness can be more more satisfying than an orgasm. For me it’s about cuddling in bed. Spooning her as tightly as tightly as I can. Putting my hand on her belly and my face on her shoulder. I can sleep so soundly like that. I look forward to that more than sex most times. I feel our connection can be just a strong during those quiet moments when we are just enjoying the warm of our bodies and the desire to enjoy the moment.

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