This morning, Lion wanted me to check out a show he’d found on Amazon. It’s called “Mozart in the Jungle” and, as near as I can figure out, it’s a soap opera with classical music. Plus, parts of it are filmed in New York City and those things always get high points from Lion. He’ll tell me exactly where they are and how he used to work over there, or there’s a nice restaurant on that corner, or that address doesn’t really exist because it would be in the middle of the river.

But what really got me thinking is the oboe player. One of the characters asked if the oboe hurt her lips and she said it did for a while but she developed tougher lips. And then I was thinking back to when I played sax in middle school. And that all tied in with the oral edging I gave Lion last night. And I wondered if I am so good with my tongue and mouth (according to Lion) because I played sax. You know, the embouchure and the tongue movements. Staccato is very effective on Lion. Of course, he likes the long “notes” as well.

At any rate, last night I edged him several times orally. I’ve never dared try that before because it’s so easy to go too far and give him a ruined orgasm. Neither of us like ruined orgasms. But after a few nights of no attention because of his root canal, Lion was ready for action and my leg decided to hurt when I started out with a hand job, so I switched tactics. I thought maybe I’d just play with him. Get him all revved up with nowhere to go. But then I decided to try to edge him. To my surprise it actually worked. Several times. And I even continued my practice of not giving him much rest between tries. I varied the speed and the suction but I went right after him again and again. He wasn’t quite a puddle, but he was really looking for an orgasm when I was done. Nope. Not tonight, dear.

Lion has just shy of two more weeks before his next scheduled orgasm. He still has some Good Lion coupons for a free orgasm. I wonder if he’ll be tempted to use them. I guess maybe that depends on how well I use my embouchure.