Well, Lion figured out his birthday dinner. He moved things around in the freezer and when I saw what he’d done I told him he probably just ruined the surprise. He swore he hadn’t seen anything but then realized that what he thought was pork chops was really meat for osso buco. He insists it’s ok because now he’ll be dreaming of osso buco all week and how nice I am to make it for him. Ok. But he still doesn’t know the rest of the surprise and I want to keep it that way.

Yesterday we did some chores, ran the marathon at Costco, and came home to the marathon of putting food away. We vegetated for a while and went to see The Martian. Last time we went to the movies we got there very early and had to wait for the last showing to be out and then the theater had to be cleaned. This time we were trying to get there not quite as early. Since The Martian just opened the theater was already crowded. Lion is very particular about where he wants to sit. Halfway back, center of the row. I like the aisle. Actually, I like home, but in a theater I like the aisle. The only seats were on the end in the back row or most of the first two rows.

Lion asked if I wanted to get our money back or what I wanted to do. I told him it was his movie and he should decide. I thought that was fair enough. If it was a movie I cared about I would have found an acceptable seat and told him to sit. But it wasn’t my movie. He should decide how much he wanted to see it and if any of the available seats worked. We sat in the second row, which at first was jarring but once we got used to the screen being in our face it was actually better. Lion could read all the typing on the screen and little notes that were lying around. Aside from the fact that it was 3D it was a good movie.

Then we got home. We hadn’t played on Friday night because, after his orgasm on Thursday night, Lion wasn’t horny. Yesterday I just didn’t think about playing before the movie and I was tired afterwards. Lion then asked if I wanted dessert. They served our food late at the movie theater so I was still full. Well, now I had rebuffed him twice. He was humphy. Eventually I got the dessert he wanted. I feel bad when I disappoint him. And afterwards he asked if we could play tonight. Of course we can. I told him it was his idea to go to the movies and he said he didn’t think that cancelled any other activities for the night. The truth is, I wasn’t thinking about sex. I was thinking about going to the movies for the second weekend in a row; this time to see a movie I didn’t care about.

So, once again, what we have here is a failure to communicate. I promise to do better. He promises to do better. We just need to stop promising and do better already. I can’t keep disappointing him and he can’t keep getting hurt if I disappoint him. At some point today we will play. We have chores to do, but I don’t care how tired I am, we will play.