Lion is on the mend. This morning he didn’t need a chauffeur to take him to his eye appointment. I was happily at work in one office while he was being seen in our other office. And tomorrow he has yet another appointment. I’m also happy to report that he’s horny again.

I wasn’t sure if he would feel up to playing. This infection has taken a lot out of him and he’s been worrying about his eyesight. Playing might have been the last thing on his mind, but I thought it was important that I at least unlock him and give him the opportunity to have some fun. I was able to edge him a few times. Maybe it took his mind off things for a little while.

This has been a busy week. Between the stinky laundry detergent fiasco and his eye, we’ve been putting out fires. Time for the weekend! I’m going to work a few hours tomorrow to make up for the time I was chauffeuring Lion yesterday. But then the day is mine. I want to make some plans to play with Lion. Some real plans. Not “I might do this” or “I might do that”. Whether I share those plans with Lion beforehand is another matter. He doesn’t necessarily need to know what I have in store for him. Perhaps I’ll say, “Meet me in the bedroom at 2 on Saturday afternoon for fun.” The point is, I need to know what I’m doing Saturday at 2, or whenever I decide to do it. We haven’t been putting very much emphasis on playing lately. Well, I haven’t. Lion is always ready for anything. I tend to let things just happen as they happen. And then we wind up not doing much. And then things get boring. And I want to fix that, at least for this weekend. Lion deserves it after the week he’s had.

So, here’s to a fun weekend for all!

I don’t want to waste your time with the state of my health, but since it affects our enforced chastity, I figured I should. I woke up on Tuesday with a sore eye. It felt like I might have scratched it on the pillow case while sleeping. It wasn’t alarming. As the day wore on, I got more and more uncomfortable. On my ride home from work I was so light sensitive I had to wear my sunglasses even though it was cloudy. When Mrs. Lion got home from work I asked her to see if one of the doctors in her office (she works for an eye practice) could see me. They had late hours so it was no problem. I had no idea why I was uncomfortable. As soon as I saw an optometrist I learned that I have an ulcer on my cornea. This is apparently caused by a bacterial infection. These ulcers leave a scar, so if it impinges on the area I need to see, it will hurt my vision. So far it is just to the side of that area. I returned to the office at 8am on Wednesday. It was inflamed which hinders healing. So now I am putting antibiotic and cortisone drops in my eye every two hours. This morning I am returning again to check for progress. My sensitivity has been drastically reduced. I’m hoping that things are getting better.

As you might imagine, I haven’t been thinking about much besides the ulcer and worrying it could prevent me from working. My drive to work is 30 miles each way. About half of the drive is on freeways. I’m hoping that by the time you read this, I am on my way to the office under my own power. I’m writing this late Wednesday afternoon. Since I am feeling better, I hope Mrs. Lion is also feeling good and we can have some fun. I won’t be very disappointed if we can’t. Sexual things have to take a back seat when facing such a serious issue. As Mrs. Lion mentioned in her post yesterday, I woke up in the middle of the night and when adjusting the Jail Bird, something didn’t feel right. The security screw had worked its way out; not all the way but very loose. I used my fingers to tighten it as well as I could. It’s stayed in place since then. This was the first time the security screw loosened on its own. I guess Mrs. Lion didn’t fully tighten it after my wonderful oral/vibrator orgasm on Sunday night.

My only concern when I found that the screw was loose was that I might lose it. I have absolutely no desire to “escape”. If you’re new to enforced chastity, that may seem odd.  It’s not. I’m typical of guys who have been caged for a while. I am chaste by consent. My sexual surrender is voluntary. I’m not interested in escape. I want Mrs. Lion to be firmly in charge. Because I support her control, doesn’t mean I can change my mind. I can’t. The security screw that locks my chastity device symbolizes that it doesn’t matter if I agree to be caged or not. I made an irrevocable agreement to be caged and transfer all control to my lioness. All that complaining about my frustration will get me is a painful spanking. In sickness or health, horny or not, I am caged. End of story. Wish me luck. I’m very worried about this eye problem.

Last night my plans for Lion were thwarted again. Yesterday, Lion told me his eye hurt. He thought he might have scratched it. On the way home, lights were bothering it, he couldn’t see very well, and it was very red. Luckily I work for eye doctors. Also luckily, it was the night the office has late hours (although I know they would have met me at the office even after hours). I turned around and brought him right back to work with me. Poor Lion has an evil eye infection. Last night we got drops and this morning we were off to see how those drops were working. He got an additional drop to use and tomorrow we’ll be back for another visit. He may even be back on Friday for another visit. You just don’t mess around with eye infections. Needless to say, with his angry eyeball and not being able to wear his contact lens in the infected eye, he had to stay home today. Luckily he can work from home. I don’t think anyone wants him at work with a very red eye, although it might pass as part of a Halloween costume.

In the middle of the night, Lion also mentioned that the screw on his cage seemed loose. He tightened it the best he could by hand and I forgot to get the key out to tighten it more this morning. I was too busy trying to get him to the doctor and then myself back to work. I told him he has two choices. If it comes loose again, he can either remove it or break open the emergency key to tighten it. I’m not sure which he’ll choose. I’m not even sure it will be an issue. I just hope he doesn’t lose the screw.

Depending on how Lion feels tonight, we’ll play. I think now that he knows what’s wrong with his eye and the pain may be subsiding as he uses his drops, he may feel more up to playing. And if I don’t have to make another round trip to work, I’ll feel more up to playing. We’ve both been feeling yucky the past few days. Maybe it was Lion’s eye brewing up the infection. Maybe it’s the change in the weather. Maybe we’re getting colds. Who knows. I just hope we can settle in tonight and maybe, even if we don’t play, we can have a calm night to snuggle.

I have been wondering about why adding enforced chastity to our marriage has made such a big difference in our relationship. Is it really about the sexual control I surrendered? Is it the power exchange? The chastity device? Just what is working for us? I think that I am beginning to understand why we are successful up to this point.

It seems to me that prior to our chastity adventure, we stopped communicating about sex and almost entirely gave up on sexual contact. The reason for this was that we both felt badly and didn’t want to start fighting over our feelings. Mrs. Lion was upset that I didn’t initiate sex and I was unhappy that we weren’t having any. Over time, an emotional scab grew over these feelings. Mrs. Lion lost interest in sex. She still hasn’t recovered from that. My sexual world moved to fantasy and occasional masturbation. I resented that she didn’t seem attracted to me. The few conversations we had about this ended without resolution.

I have a longstanding interest in enforced chastity, at least the hardware. For the last seventeen years I have been reading about and sampling various devices from full belts to piercing-suspended devices. I never felt any particular interest in wearing them for their intended purpose. I just thought the entire idea of enforced male chastity was a big turn on. Ok, it still is. About two years ago I found some cheap devices online. I ordered a few to try them out. This sampling fueled some hot self-abuse.

In the midst of this new hardware frenzy, it occurred to me that it would be very hot if Mrs. Lion actually locked me up in a device. I didn’t have an elaborate fantasy about how it would work, but I liked the idea a lot. My main reason at the time was that the device would provide sexual contact between us. I also imagined that my longstanding desire to be spanked and sexually dominated might also get some relief too. So I asked her.

Obviously, she said yes. In the past we had tried other power exchange stuff which never stuck. I wasn’t sure this would last very long. In my online wanderings I had discovered some enforced chastity sites. The first one I found was a chastity forum. I didn’t learn anything new, but it did give me a chance to participate in chastity-related conversations. I also read some blogs centered on enforced chastity or female domination. I decided that there might be a place for my take on power exchange and what I know about fitting devices, etc. So, I started this blog.

Most of the initial content was the informative pages describing fitting, etc. I started writing posts too. It was clear to me that maybe the world wasn’t waiting for yet another guy to give his one-sided view of enforced chastity. There were several terrific blogs written by locked up guys. On the other hand, I thought it would be interesting to have a keyholder writing her side of things. I found one on a forum and asked her to write here too. She did for a while. Then she stopped.

I asked Mrs. Lion how she felt about contributing. She agreed. It turned out that she is a very good writer and used her posts to talk about how she was feeling about me and enforced chastity. Our posts allowed us to talk about what we were doing, and I think more importantly, what wasn’t working.

Even when our posts weren’t about “us” they did expose what each of us was thinking about. For some reason we were both able to write things we never spoke aloud or exchanged via email. This blog became a new channel of communication for us. Reader comments offered helpful feedback as well. We also began exchanging email that revealed wishes and reservations about our sexual adventures. We were communicating!

Meanwhile, I was locked in a chastity device full time. It came off for play and occasionally for weekend trips. Mrs. Lion is the only person who removes it or puts it back on me. I do the base ring, she locks the cage in place. She provided my only sexual outlet. Masturbation was gone as an option for me. This is fairly typical for an enforced chastity situation. But for us there was an added dimension: the communication.

I began wondering what would happen if we no longer used the device. Would things continue to improve or would we fall back into our old pattern? I posed that question here in the blog. Mrs. Lion’s response was that she thought the cage is essential to us. I then asked if I wanted it off, would she remove it. She said she would. That was a setback for me. It meant that I was ultimately in control and I could end my submission at will. I don’t know if that has changed. Mrs. Lion will remind me, I’m sure.

I think the cage is so important not for its value as a tool to assure my penis is always under her control but more because it forces both of us to interact if I am to have any sexual pleasure at all. Of course, that can’t be the entire story. If it were, Mrs. Lion could just decide I don’t need any more sex and keep me locked up until I lose interest in sex entirely.

The main reason this all works is that we love each other more than anything. We want each other to be happy. But we both have a problem with talking about difficult subjects. The cage requires us to communicate about sex. Her, because she wants me to be happy. Me, because it’s the only way I can get my sexual needs met. It’s a trade of sorts. I give up all sexual control and in return I get sexual satisfaction, eventually. Mrs. Lion’s benefits are more subtle. The cage reminds her that she can’t withdraw sexually since she has the only outlet I have. It also reminds her that we have made our peace about initiating. My surrender and her acceptance settled that issue at least for now.

This blog has become one of our principal forms of intimate communication. It’s where we can express wishes, fantasies, concerns, and objections. I can share my knowledge of power exchange without topping from the bottom. I can remind Mrs. Lion of things we might need to do. For example, in this post, I reminded Mrs. Lion that I still think I can stop being locked up if I want. So, I am sure she will let me know if that is or isn’t true. She can relate what is happening to us and how it affects her. We pay close attention to what the other writes. Between the blog and our emails, we have closed most of our communication gaps.

Somewhat surprisingly, I think the combination of the chastity device and this blog got us going the right way. Our continued writing helps us stay on track. The cage is a much stronger form of wedding ring. It is a physical, unmistakable sign of ownership. I’m very proud to wear it. It announces that I am hers and only hers. That is just what I want to be.