I Blame Lion

Just kidding. It wasn’t his fault. We both had a hand in it, even though his hands were bound. I went a little too far and he wasn’t able to stop it so he had a ruined orgasm.

I can’t really be too mad, although I hate ruined orgasms, because I got some tasty cum out of the deal. Lots of it. Yum! I told Lion I wasn’t going to share it with him. He didn’t care. He hates eating his cum.

The good news is that Lion is just as horny as ever. Ruined orgasms do nothing to satiate him. We can try again tonight. I’ll have to be more careful. I just want him frustrated, not having ruined orgasms.

We’re out running errands this morning. Once we get home I’ll decide what plans I have for Lion. I’m pretty sure it will involve restraints and at some point this weekend he’ll have some red buns. That’s all the preview he’ll get for now. I’m still plotting his fate.