I’ve been wild nearly a week now. Most of the time I forget I am. It doesn’t feel like I am playing hooky or on a vacation from enforced chastity. I am enjoying the convenience of peeing without concern that using a urinal will end in a disaster. I am wondering how it will work when I am caged and I go to the company gym. I’ve decided that the gym is a benefit I want to use. Since I am a consultant (fancy name for temp), my work life is pretty much benefit free. Free use of a complete gym is a luxury I can use to improve my health. I’m not sure that my cage will be a problem. I don’t have to shower at work. I haven’t explored the locker room yet, so I am not sure it it will pose problems or not. I’m sure I can figure it out.

It constantly amazes me how easy it is to wear a chastity device without revealing my kink to the world. The compact length of my cage makes it invisible under most clothes. At worst, I look well endowed if there is a bulge at all. A lot of guys overthink how they will get by while caged. I suppose a wet bathing suit would probably reveal the outline of the cage; a dry one, if not too tight, won’t. I suspect a lot of the worry has more to do with the power exchange than it does with public exposure. Let’s face it, most people aren’t looking at my crotch anyway. That’s rude. Even if someone sees the outline of the cage under my clothes (unlikely), unless they are into chastity themselves, they won’t interpret what they see as anything unusual or kinky. It’s a bit like having a small pimple on your neck. You think that everyone is staring at it, when in fact people don’t see it at all.

The same is true of FLM. Unless you practice it with “Yes, Mistress” or such, people will not see the power exchange. At most they will see a very polite man who wants to please his partner. I’m sure when another couple notices the deference, the wife probably elbows her husband and says, “Why can’t you be more like that, Henry?” The understanding of the power dynamic almost always stays with the couple, even in public. If the disciplined male says, “What should I order for dinner?” Chances are very good outsiders who hear the exchange will think he has trouble deciding, not that he has to obey her every wish. If she couches her orders as requests, the power exchange is all but invisible.

In the leather community, we always taught that it was wrong to obviously display a power exchange around vanilla people. Forcing them to see it is, in fact, a  non-consensual act perpetrated on the innocent public. I know that a lot of bottoms crave the humiliation created by the risk of discovery. It may be exciting to do things in public that can get you caught, but it is absolutely wrong. We need to protect the vanilla public from our kinks which will almost certainly make people uncomfortable if they see them openly displayed. It’s selfish and bad taste to do otherwise.