On the Lookout

We are fast approaching the date we agreed to reassess chastity. Yes, it’s six months away (I think) but it’s right around the corner. Before you know it, we’ll be celebrating the new year. I’m looking forward to getting the hell out of this year. In recent posts, Lion has stated that sometimes he misses being wild. Sometimes the cage annoys him. Sometimes he wonders if he needs the cage at all.

It’s a good question; a valid question. I admit to being annoyed by the cage from time to time. Sometimes I think it would be much easier if I didn’t have to unlock it. Lion isn’t going to cheat. We could get right to the action. I wouldn’t have to fumble with it to lock him back up. On the other hand, I do like the message it sends when I give him the ring to put back on.

So who needs it? I’m not sure. Would we revert back to inertia without it? Have we reached a point that the cage is obsolete and we will continue our journey without it? When he’s wild in the trailer, we still play. But over time, would we? Being wild for travel is convenient and short term. If he was wild for good, would we forget about playing? I doubt he would, so the question is more for me. I can’t see myself forgetting to play just because the cage is gone. I think Lion would say something long before he was driven to masturbation if I did forget. At least I hope he would.

The question, I believe, comes down to that of power. Does it help Lion feel my power? Does it remind him of who is in charge? I know he forgets he’s wearing it, but when he remembers, does it give him a little jolt, of sorts, to know that I have him locked safely away? If so then I think the cage should remain where it is.

I can, of course, arrange some wild weekends or even wild weeks. I can use them as rewards for being an extra good boy. I don’t do enough to reward him for all the things he does. I need to do that more often. He wants me to notice the bad things he does, so I should also notice the good. I am now on the lookout.