Remaining Permanently Locked

Yesterday, in her post, Mrs. Lion brought up some interesting points. She mentioned that our review of enforced chastity is about six months off.  I am pretty sure we know how that will go. She wondered about the chastity device. Should we keep using it? She cited one of our reasons in favor was to remind us to regularly play. She went on to say that we don’t need that reminder any longer. She may be right about that, but I’m not sure. If I am not wearing the device, she assumes that I will remind her should she forget about play. That’s probably true; but why didn’t I do that before we started enforced chastity? I think she sees the device as a reminder for her not to allow inertia to take over. I think that for me it is permission for me to ask if I feel I am not getting attention. The fact that she locked it on my penis authorizes me to expect she will follow through with the other things we do. If she forgets, I feel that I have permission to remind her. The device, after all, is in place and prevents any sexual expression for me.

Then there is the matter of power. She correctly says that the device reminds me that she is in charge. It’s true that sometimes I don’t feel it, but I never forget it is there. The fact is that whether or not I am always aware of its presence, if my mind turns to sex I can’t forget that I have no access to my penis. Mrs. Lion understands that. I wonder if she has considered that from the perspective of power, the cage reminds her just as powerfully who is in charge. If I were no longer locked up, would she be as aware of her power over me? While I am wearing the cage she is constantly reminded of our power exchange.

It’s true that for as much as two weeks (while my Jail Bird was being adjusted), I have been wild. She mentioned that our power exchange continued as though the cage was still on me. What would happen if I were cage free for months? Would she still remember her power position? The cage dictates action for both of us. For me, the obvious message that I have no control over my sexual activity and, more importantly, that Mrs. Lion has control. It sends the same message to her. It is a visible reflection of her power over me. It’s unmistakable. Could we carry on orgasm control and her power over me without the cage? I’m sure we could. But I think it would be more difficult to remain front of mind.

There is also the fact that the cage makes me feel controlled. I like that a lot. It’s a kink I asked to start. I want to be caged. Well, that’s generally true. There are times I wish it were off. But most of the time I am glad it’s locked on. There will be times that wearing the cage will be impractical. Mrs. Lion will decide when I should be unlocked. However, I think that being locked in my cage is equally important to each of us. As it turns out, the chastity device has lasting value for us both. That makes the review date next March just a formality. I am sure we will both let the date pass with the cage securely locked in place.

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    Three weeks shy of 36 months for me. ?
    Love being locked …
    Can’t imagine not being that way ?

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