Says Who?

Saturday night, as I was edging Lion, I really wanted to give him an orgasm. I know it wasn’t his scheduled date. And I know he had a bonus orgasm coming, so to speak. But I decided I was jumping the gun. He couldn’t be horny enough to warrant an orgasm yet. Could he? He was very hard. He seemed very horny. Clearly he wanted release. But it hadn’t been a long enough wait.

By last night I decided to give him his bonus orgasm. Who cares how long he’s waited? Well, he does, but I mean if I want to give him an orgasm, who cares? He’s certainly not going to argue with me for giving him one. There’s no one else in the relationship to argue. I know some of our readers think Lion is the luckiest guy in the world for having so many orgasms. He does too. But others are thinking we’re doing it all wrong. He can’t possibly be locked up and still be having all these orgasms. Says who?

What if I decide that, based on his reaction to teasing, he’ll get more orgasms than are scheduled? Suppose tomorrow he’s really horny again and when I edge him he’s bucking off the bed like he needs to come or he’ll burst anyway? If I ask Lion he’ll say it’s up to me. Yes! Yes, it is.

It’s been a while since I’ve wanted to give Lion extra orgasms. It’s been a while since he’s been this horny. I say I need to strike while the Lion is hot. He’s not going to get one every night. That would be too much. I won’t even commit to every three days or four days. I will commit to giving him one if I decide to take one. Trust me, when I decide to take one, he will be more than willing to let me. He will be way more than ready. I won’t take one if he isn’t. That’s not the point.

The point is that I love to give Lion orgasms when he’s very horny. Not all the time. Sometimes it’s fun to watch him suffer, let him get limp, and hand him his ring to put on. But sometimes, when he’s very hard, I just need to give him release. There’s a certain power in that, too.