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We traveled home yesterday. Our weekend was spent only 35 miles from Chelan Washington. Friday was a beautiful, clear day with blue skies everywhere. Toward sunset it looked like clouds were coming in from the north. In fact it was smoke from the Chelan wild fire. By morning, visibility was down to less than a mile. Breathing was a bit difficult. Sunday was much better, yesterday blue skies were peeking through. Now that we are home across the Cascades, the smoke hasn’t followed us. There is a bit of an orange cast to the light, but I can’t smell smoke and breathing is easy.

I regularly get email from guys looking for advice on fitting a chastity device. Most of the time I don’t respond. Here are some further comments on fitting a device. Everything I know is already on our “Getting a Good Fit” page. This is just an attempt to clarify points that appear in the mail I get.

Most of the people I know who practice enforced chastity needed adjustments to their custom cages, me included. I’m convinced that if you are serious about enforced chastity, than you will end up with a custom stainless cage sooner or later. There are a few people who manage to fit perfectly in off-the-shelf devices, but they are few and far between. I understand the reluctance to invest $500 in something you may only end up wearing for a weekend.  Unfortunately, if you buy an off-the-shelf device just to try out enforced chastity, there is a fair chance you will not want to pursue it because the cage is uncomfortable, hard to keep clean, and difficult to put on and take off.

I’ve noticed that even experienced caged males will give up on an adjustment to their custom cages within a few days of receiving them. Let me give you an example. My original Jail Bird measured 1 3/4″ in length (you measure length for MM from the bottom; tip to scrotum). My measurements taken several times, came out at 2″. I subtracted 1/4″ and ordered the 1 3/4″ length. After wearing it for about five months, I noticed that most of the time there was a gap between the head of my penis and the end of the cage.  Mrs. Lion and I decided to shorten the cage. Mature Metal, who makes the Jail Bird says the cage should fit like a glove. Your penis should always be in contact with the sides and top.  I asked Mrs. Lion to measure the gap. It was slightly more than 1/4″. So we ordered a jailbird with a 1 1/4″ cage length.

When it arrived, it looked very small. But Mrs. Lion put me in it. With some pushing I was locked up. For more than a week it felt very confining. I was constantly aware that it was squeezing my penis. Then I forgot all about it. I was no longer aware it was there. My penis was always touching the sides and top of the cage. Peeing became much more predictable. My urethra remained nicely centered. Erections never get a chance to start. When I get that early morning wood, it doesn’t wake me up. I am only aware of it if I happen to be awake already.

I’m convinced that a cage should be at least 1/2″ shorter than the measured length of the flaccid penis. I also think that the diameter should be no more than 1/4″ than the actual diameter when soft. The penis, when not aroused, is incredibly compressible. Mine, at least, is perfectly at home in its little cage.

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    Sooner or later i am going to get mine shortened as well ..?

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