He Has No Choice

Lion said he wasn’t very horny yesterday. According to his post the other day, that shouldn’t matter. I have no problem if it takes an extra long time to get him turned on. I just don’t want to annoy him by trying for too long. I don’t even have a problem if I just feel him up for a while. I don’t have to edge him all the time. I realize that is the goal. In order to have him at his horniest, I need to edge him. But, realistically, sometimes that won’t be possible.

Having said that, he has no choice. If I want to edge him I should be able to do so. Within reason, illness or injury notwithstanding, he should be available when I want him. I’m not saying I should be able to flip a switch and get an immediate erection out of him. I’m saying, if I tell him we’re playing, within a half hour he should have an erection. With my assistance, of course. I can’t expect him to spontaneously sprout a woody. I know sometimes he might be able to do that. Maybe when I’ve given him a preview of things to come. Or if I’ve caught him doing something he shouldn’t be doing. He’s said he gets turned on by thinking about my power. Whatever I can do to help…

Another thing he has no choice about is orgasms. The other night I said I wanted to give him one, but I was worried he wanted to wait longer. Why? Yes, I need to worry about what he wants, but it’s about what I want too. He has no choice whether he comes or not. It’s completely up to me. If I want him to wait ten days, and then at the end of those ten days I want him to wait another three, then he’ll wait thirteen days. For no reason. Just because. Or, more likely, if I want to give him an orgasm right this very second, he’ll have an orgasm right this very second.

With that in mind, last night I edged him once by hand and then decided to torture him with my mouth. Slow and fast, suction and no suction. I don’t think I technically edged him, but I sure got him going. And he didn’t have a choice whether he came or not. I took that orgasm. I sucked it right out of him.

Of course, he was happy to oblige. He got his silly smile on his face. Afterwards, he said that was certainly a bonus. It was. A nice bonus for me. He just happened to be along for the ride.