On The Other Hand

Yesterday, my post discussed possible ways to determine minimum and maximum wait times. Mrs. Lion in her post mentioned that I offered so many different opinions that it’s a good thing she does the picking of wait times. My intention yesterday wasn’t to offer her a smorgasbord of wait times I want. It was to suggest logical options. None of what I wrote is about what would work for me, just some ideas about setting enforced chastity waits. I think that each male reacts differently to enforced waits between orgasms. A lot has to do with age. But based on my reading, we are quite similar.

In my case, I’ve observed that starting with the third day of waiting I get much hornier. This peaks on the fifth or sixth day. My interest remains very strong until the seventh day. After that it drops slowly. By the fifteenth day I don’t think much about sex during the day. If Mrs. Lion teases me nightly, she can easily get me erect and excited no matter how long the wait. If she skips a day, even early in the cycle, it takes more work to get me hard. She observed that yesterday. In the past she commented that I get hard very quickly between the fifth and seventh days.  On the day she edged me twice I was super interested in coming. Apparently the frequency of edging has the expected effect on me. What I find interesting is that now that I am at my 15th day of waiting, even writing about all this isn’t arousing me. I’ve read that others also find waiting much easier after about ten days.

I’m not sure that any of this should influence how long I wait, but it does influence the lion “weather report”. This loss of interest when not being stimulated doesn’t mean I am less interested in an orgasm, at least for now. Instead of biological pressure to come, I find myself missing the opportunities to come. It’s hard to put into words. It’s like the feeling you get after a great vacation. You really wanted it to last longer or happen again very soon. It’s a longing. Is this emotional horniness? I think that in situations where the keyholder allows the caged male to give her frequent orgasms, there is much less longing. On an emotional level it must be quite satisfying to provide all that sexual pleasure to the keyholder. Even in vanilla sex, I’ve noticed that my satisfaction is much greater when my partner had a good orgasm.

Our case, at least at present, is different. Mrs. Lion isn’t interested in orgasms for herself. We are both focused on my orgasms exclusively. I think this is why I can observe so easily my change from physical sexual need to emotional longing. As a practical matter, it shouldn’t affect how Mrs. Lion sets my waits. It just means that the lion weather report changes as my wait lengthens. It also means that if time between edging sessions is increased, she can expect it to take longer, maybe much longer to get me aroused and close to orgasm.

There’s one other thing I have observed: After a long wait (for me), the orgasm can sometimes actually hurt and not be very pleasurable. Other guys have observed this as well. My theory is that my body needs “priming” before actually going for an orgasm. That doesn’t mean edging me in the same session as I get to come. That didn’t help in the past. I think it means an edging session the same day that doesn’t end in orgasm, then some time later the session that includes preliminary edging and the orgasm. That’s just a theory. I don’t have any real evidence to support it. I also believe this is only necessary after a relatively long wait. I think it gives my endocrine system time to secrete enough hormones to restore physical horniness. This could all be wrong, but it’s my theory for now.


  1. Author

    Would appreciate frank comment about the use of catheters, with
    C.D. I dislike having my urine spraying all over. yet recently have had a lot of pain from the catheter and some blood discharge
    I know stop using catheter but forever or how long?

    1. Author

      Some guys have great luck with catheters. Bear in mind that the inside of the urethra is subject to infection. Introducing any device in there carries that risk. For that reason I decided I wouldn’t use a catheter with a device. Other men wear them for years. The bleeding is not a good sign. You should probably see your doctor.

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