Tomorrow we begin another weekend trip in our RV. Mrs. Lion has allowed me to be cage free while we travel. She does this because our RV toilet has a shallow bowl design. The inside slopes gently toward the drain. The result of this is that when I sit to pee, my balls sit on the porcelain. and get bathed by my pee. This isn’t the end of the world, but it isn’t very pleasant. I can’t stand to pee since my aim is uncertain in the cage. I’m not entirely sure why I get a vacation from my cage because of this. My balls, after all, are washable. I admit that I enjoy the freedom and it does simplify things somewhat.

In the future there is a chance I will need to travel (if I get the job I am pursuing). That travel will, of course, require me to go through airport security. My Jail Bird chastity device will not go through unnoticed. So, I will either have to be wild when traveling or find a plastic cage that fits. My research indicates that there are two potential products: the CB6000 and the Holy Trainer 2. The CB2000 has numerous problems that rule it out. The Holy Trainer has a short version and gets excellent reviews. Unfortunately, even the short Holy Trainer is at least an inch longer than my Jail Bird. While it might fit, there will be “head room” at the end. Excess length, particularly in a closed tube like the Holy Trainer traps moisture and will smell in a day or so of wear. Getting clean with a tube on is iffy at best. My Jail Bird is very easy to keep clean. The open cage cleans up in a normal shower. A week-long trip wearing the Holy Trainer will likely result in some serious hygiene issues. Unless there is another, easy-to-clean plastic device, it appears I will need to be wild on business trips as well as our RV adventures. This isn’t really a security problem. I am certainly well enough trained to not masturbate. It’s just a bit odd, like taking off my wedding ring.

As I think about it, being wild while traveling is in a way worse than no device when we travel together. The cage reminds us to continue to be physical and sexual with one another. I’m not really suggesting that on a four-day trip we will forget. That’s silly. But the fact remains that the cage is a valuable symbol of our renewed physical relationship. Neither of us believes that it’s on my penis to prevent me from sexual disobedience. It’s there in the same way we wear our wedding rings: as a symbol of our sexual relationship and our power exchange. I actually feel a little undressed when it isn’t on. Being wild doesn’t change the way Mrs. Lion treats me. She has no problem spanking a wild lion. Nor does she mind edging me over and over. She clearly isn’t worried I will take matters into my own hands.

As a submissive I still have a way to go. I try to squirm away during spankings. I can forget to remind Mrs. Lion of scheduled punishment days or maintenance spanking days. I still interrupt her. One area I am completely confident about is sex. I am completely trained in terms of masturbation. That’s something, isn’t it?


  1. Author

    So squat over the toilet like I do when using a public restroom. Geez… You whine way too much.

    And how do you know without even owning a Holy Trainer what the issues are or might be? I can wear mine for four or five days without the need to remove it for cleaning. You’ll get enough soap and water in the tube from showering that you’d be just fine on a 3 or 4 day trip.

    1. Author

      Aren’t you the friendly one! My trips are a full week. Your idea of clean and mine may be different.

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