Maybe Tomorrow

I wish I could say it was a designed experiment, but it really was an accident. In my zest to edge Lion I gave him a ruined orgasm. On the plus side, it did not have any effect on his horniness level and I got a yummy treat out of the deal. Win-win. I told him it was just the pre-cum I’d been looking for the night before. It was actually on the level of a full ejaculation. Am I sorry it happened? Usually I’m pretty mad at myself for going too far. Not last night. I edged him by hand a few times and then went in for the kill, so to speak, with my mouth. I should have stopped. In fact, I did stop a few times and then I didn’t stop fast enough the last time. He reported that the Lion weather was still very horny afterwards. No harm, no foul.

I’m actually torn between playing with him every night and taking a day off. Part of me thinks a day off wouldn’t hurt. Does he really need attention every single night? Our agreement was for every other day and that has morphed into every day. On the other hand, he needs to be reminded that I understand his predicament and I’ll do all I can to help him out. Short of giving him an orgasm, that is. And I want to keep his horniness level high. Ignoring him, even for just one day, may make him forget about sex (ha!) and he won’t be as horny. I was also toying with the idea of playing with him without unlocking him, but that seems to have less of an effect on him. He needs a hands on, or mouth on, approach. Maybe he’s just plain spoiled. I do take good care of him. I know he appreciates it. I’m sure he would understand skipping a day. He wouldn’t like it, but he would go along with it. He really doesn’t have much choice in the matter anyway. He’s at my mercy. But I’m concerned with keeping him interested especially with the longer wait this time. Daily play is the only way I know to keep him interested. So on we march.

I’ve also set a precedent of edging him a lot more than I normally do. Usually it’s three or four times and then I stop. Recently I’ve been doing five or more. I lose track, actually. Poor Lion has no idea how many either. If I ask he tells me he’s too busy to count. There’s no blood flow to his brain. When I give him an orgasm I like to play with him until I figure he’ll spontaneously combust and then I finish him off. Lately that’s how I’ve been edging him. I get him just shy of the point that he’ll go out of his mind if he doesn’t come, and then I stop playing with him. And I watch him try to get his breathing under control while realizing he isn’t going to reach the promised land this time around.

Oh, well. Maybe tomorrow. Oops! Nope. Not till the 15th.