Since enforced chastity is, at least in my case, a permanent state of affairs, it creates some interesting feelings in me. Most of the time I am unaware the device is even there. When naked, my normal state when home, my balls are pushed by the base ring in front of my body. As a result, I have to find a comfy place for them when I sit down. Mrs. Lion likes their prominence and often comments how nice they are always available to her. For my part, I have to always assure there is a comfortable resting place for their tender underside.  There are many little adjustments to make in order to make permanent chastity device wearing work.

I bought a bunch of new underwear until I could find some that accommodated the cage comfortably. I’ve learned to make slight adjustments as needed without looking like a baseball player grabbing his crotch. I think I have even adapted sexually. While I never got many unprovoked erections, they have nearly disappeared when the cage is locked on. Even the usual early morning erection seems to have disappeared. Of course, since my cage is so comfortable, erections never woke me from a sound sleep. It seems my penis has learned the futility of arousal while caged.

That doesn’t stop me from mental arousal and frustration. Unless I am fully occupied with an activity, my mind keeps wandering to how good it feels when Mrs. Lion rides me, sucks me, or plays with me. I count the days between each orgasm. I also count the days between teasing sessions. After all, teasing is most of my sex life now. I am edged at least twenty times for each orgasm I get. Another change I have made that puzzles me is the amount of noise I make during stimulation. For most of my life I have been almost silent during arousal and orgasm. Since being caged I am quite noisy. I hear myself making sounds that surprise me. I’m not trying to make them. They just happen. Maybe the edging has provoked them. My body is getting very frequent chances to experience the climb to ejaculation.

Before enforced chastity, orgasm was a simple, expected result of penile stimulation. Whether it was Mrs. Lion’s body, mouth, her hands, or my own; stimulation always climbed reliably to ejaculation. No surprises. No edging. Now, I have no expectation of ejaculating. The excitement builds and builds and builds, then stops without warning. Maybe I am learning to make the most of what I get. I certainly want the edging. I look forward to it. After all, I never know when  I will get an orgasm. The only route to one for me is to savor edging and hope for an ejaculating surprise.

I’m not sure I realized how routine orgasms were to me. Before caging, they were just part of sex. Get hard and come. That’s it. Times when I was teased without release were very rare. Of course I knew that once caged, I would have far fewer opportunities to ejaculate. Knowing and experiencing are very different. It took me a long time to finally internalize the fact that sex for me doesn’t usually include an orgasm. Without very regular teasing and edging, I think I would just push sex into the background until it became a fond memory. But since I am constantly reminded through teasing, this blog, and things Mrs. Lion says and writes, I can’t forget how much I want sex. The funny thing is that now when I think of sex for me, I think of edging. I don’t even consider ejaculation. It’s just so rare.

You may be thinking that it really isn’t that rare for me. I get to come every 7 to 15 days. Sometimes I may have to wait longer. But consider that I am teased and edged between 3 and 7 days a week. Each session, including those when I get an orgasm, contains at least two edging massages first. When I am unlocked and teased, the only reliable assumption is that I will be edged, not that I will ejaculate. When I have given Mrs. Lion orgasms, I remained in my cage and received no stimulation myself. I love those sessions. I get hard inside my cage when I can lick her. I can’t wait until she has her libido back. Prior to enforced chastity, I would have been disappointed if she didn’t provide me with an orgasm after she had hers. That no longer even crosses my mind. I suppose that makes me a better lover. My focus is no longer on the rush to ejaculate. I like this. What’s your experience with changes after being caged?

The one thing that sometimes concerns me is whether or not a change this basic to my male nature will have some side effects that leak out in other areas of my life. I’m no more submissive than I was before being caged, so that aspect of my personality is unchanged. That, in a way, is too bad. In some ways I am not surprised at these changes. They make sense in the context of the conditioning I am receiving. If we ever stopped enforced chastity, I suspect I won’t revert. I think these changes are permanent.